Wildstorms CCG free online play...anyone?

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Does anyone remember Image's Collectible Trading card game?

Many hours and many beers were wasted away playing that game for my mates and me.

Bringing the WildC.A.T.s vs Gen 13 battles to the house......ahh memories.

Just wondering if anyone plays the free online version?

each week 3-4 of my mates and I get together and relive our past...but our past with bonuses! They have added some of Marvel's greats like Fantastic Four, Iron Man and the cursed game winning Savage hulk.

So...anyone play....or even know what I am talking about?

Love to see some fresh players.

Oh the site to get the CCGEngine is CCG Workshop. Check it out, it has other TCG/CCG like Buffy, Babylon 5 and more.

But I am really keen to find more Wildstorm players.

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Never played before, but this is something about Wildstorm, that's free? I might have to get into it.

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Its fun and yeah its free. It helps if you are using Skype or Ventrilo when playing. It is still in its beta- Wildstorm part anyway. The CCGEngine has been going for quite some time.

Let us know if you wanna give it a go.

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