The Authority - Canceled

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According to this there won't be a Morrison/Ha Authority #3. Ever.

I'm disappointed but I'm hoping that this means the creative team that was working on the next arc can step up to the plate and put out some issues. The arc they (Christos Gage and someone else, I forget) were going to do was set before the one that just got canceled so this news shouldn't affect them at all. It could also mean the end of The Authority altogether though.

I bet Wildcats is next. Shame.

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#2 Posted by Forever (4313 posts) - - Show Bio

It definitely would be a shame if it was canceled altogether. I havent seen much of it, but what I did see, I liked.

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That's asham, I hate to see comics cancelled

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god damnit...

was really looking forward to that


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:( Nooooo! Bloody hell, that sucks to no end.

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#6 Posted by Hagane Enna (7388 posts) - - Show Bio

WTF? Oh come the hell on, I just started getting into reading it. That ain't right.

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#7 Posted by Djinn (864 posts) - - Show Bio

i really didnt like that comic sooooo, fine with me

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#8 Posted by Buckshot (19358 posts) - - Show Bio

They're apparently going to be finished and released as a kind of "All Star" version. I know that's what was said about Wildcats, but I'm not sure about Authority. No clue when they're supposed to come out though. I'm not holding my breath.

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#9 Posted by gmanfromheck (42085 posts) - - Show Bio

I wonder who authorized it.

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