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When the tide turns...

(No Spoilers)

Another incredible issue from the new creative team!   This can be considered the “Empire Strikes Back” of this premiere 3-part arc that Adam Beechen and Tim Seeley have constructed.   Things do not bode well for our heroes.   They just witnessed The Red Blade defeat an entire fleet and now they’re returning to finish off our heroes.  

Even though many heroes are present, Beechen wisely keeps the focus down to a few while the others are either in the background or have bit parts.   Fans of The New Dynamix mini-series that came out in 2008 will get a nice surprise in this issue.   It is also noteworthy that mid-way through the issue, the events we saw in Gen 13 #34 a couple of weeks ago come into play.   This is turning out to be the biggest-little crossover you’ve ever seen.   We are following this massive battle between three titles (Wildcats, The Authority, and Gen 13).   You can’t beat a crossover that’ll cost you less than $10 to follow each month.

A nice surprise during the issue was the mission Voodoo and Grunge are sent on.   It is part of Spartan’s brilliant leadership that has burst to the forefront in this arc.   I think it’ll be more relevant to longtime fans of The Authority instead of the Wildcats, but if you’ve read Warren Ellis’ Authority issues, you’ll know what’s going on here.

I also love how Beechen is portraying The Red Blade.   These guys are ruthless and the feeling of being in an all-out war is definitely here as we start to see casualties.   The end is something I think most people saw coming, BUT, the creative team doesn’t leave us with just that.   We get a wicked cliffhanger at the end that was quite shocking!

I’m still loving Tim Seeley’s art.   There are a few characters that I think he draws better than others but that’s nit-picking.   My two favorite shots were a splash page of Midnighter and a splash page of The New Dynamix character who showed up.   The creative team is doing an incredible job so far.   I eagerly anticipate how they’re going to end this arc next month.

Oh, and I challenge you to find the reference to the movie, “The Princess and the Bride”.    I thought it was great.

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Posted By grifter78
Thanks!  I second the motion that 2010 will be a great year for Wildstorm!  :D
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Posted By Korg

Great review. I agree about this crossover being unbeatable for the price. I was also a big fan of Voodoo and Grunge's mission (we see Grunge actually use some of his massive intellect, for starters). I am pretty excited about developments on that front alone. Then there's the Red Blade, who I admit caught me by surprise (need to catch up on Stormwatch). Fortunately, it has been a pleasant surprise. I always loved the story behind The Pantheon, and the glimpses we got of other Kherans in previous volumes. The war is definitely on, and as you say, like in ESB, the heroes are in it deep. I'm more excited about this crossover than I am about Blackest Night and Siege combined. Good to know there are other people who are paying close attention to the WSU (closer attention than myself, even). I've said it before, but I think this will be a great year for Wildstorm.

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