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Issue - Sweet Virginia EDIT  
May 2013May 2013

This is it! Bishop vs. UNCANNY X-FORCE! Bishop has amazing new powers that help him take down X-Force. But how did Bishop get the new power?


Psylocke awakens to find herself in a wrecked warehouse. Storm informs her that the mysterious girl has fled and that Bishop went after her. Spiral is bound and Puck begins to prep her for transport despite her pleadings to save the girl, Ginny. Psylocke wants to help but Puck is intent on completing his contract by turning in Spiral. Storm questions whether Bishop could really kill Ginny. Knowing that he's tried to kill a kid before (Hope), the team sets out with Spiral to rescue the girl.

Aboard a plane over Los Angeles, Phantomex and Cluster bid their hijacked commercial carrier a fond adieu before jumping out to find and protect Psylocke. Unknown to them, Dark Phantomex watches their descent from the plane.

Below the city, Spiral teleports the small group into a very dark place. Puck thinks Spiral's playing games until Psylocke confirms that she had given Spiral psychic directions based on her readings from Ginny's imprint. It doesn't take long for the group to realize where they are, as a subway goes whizzing by, nearly taking out Psylocke. Once getting her bearings, Psylocke scans for Ginny. She is confused when she realizes that she is unable to register any psychic signatures despite standing mere inches from some of the group. She realizes too late that she must be being blocked; Bishop appears directly behind the team with Ginny in tow. He blasts the team. When Storm tries to retaliate she is too late, as Bishop once again ends up behind the team. He hurls Puck and grabs Psylocke, who manages to get free by cutting him in the arm. Another train barrels past and Spiral takes the chance to grab Ginny and teleport away. Psylocke and Bishop begin a fight that ends when she stabs him with her psi-blade.

Things go tragically wrong when Psylocke awakens to find herself on another world: Bishop's mindscape. She walks the tangled maze that is Bishop's mind and finds a deer in a cage. Before she can free the deer, however, she senses that she and Bishop are not alone in his mind. She looks to see a white owl and a very menacingly large bear.