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The Ultimate Crime Buster

When Bruce Wayne returns from his trip through the timestream, he returns with a focus and a goal. He realizes that he is not alone in his crusade against crime and his first order of business to to take his war on crime and go global. Announcing that Bruce Wayne has been secretly funding the Batman for years, Wayne Enterprises intends to take Batman Global, making it an empire with the hopes of ultimately crushing crime. Batman's first order of Business is to include his "family" into the fold. Giving each member assignments. The full extent of these has yet to be realized. Batman leaves Dick Grayson in charge of Gotham along with his son, Damian, as Robin. Also in his return, Batman has donned a new Bat-suit.


Batman Incorporated was created by writer Grant Morrison, when he brought Bruce Wayne from his crisis in Time. It is shown that since Bruce has returned, his physical body has gained more knowledge on events of the future. He has also gained more knowledge on how to stop crime. Thus Batman Inc. Grant made this team known in Batman And Robin #16. Batman Incorporated is considered, by Grant Morrison, to be a second re-installment of the team known as the Batmen of All Nations. The Batmen of All Nations were formed by Bruce Wayne (like Batman Incorporated is founded by) and they were brought together by Batman to stop all crime in the nations that the team was chosen from. While the Batmen of All Nations appeared on 1955 in Detective Comics #215, the team has usually operated when Batman might've been missing. Which was shown in Grant Morrison's Batman R.I.P. The team has operated more in Gotham, together all of the members, more than anywhere else. Batman Inc is considered to be the second incarnation of the team.

Team Evolution

The first recruitment mission saw Dick and Bruce go to Paris, France. Their arrival corresponded with a series of riots and political killings. The two Batmen foiled the plot with the help of a new vigilante named Nightrunner, and later formally inducted him as the first new member of Batman Inc, and the official Batman of France.

Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle then traveled to Japan, where Bruce hoped to recruit Mr. Unknown. The original Mr. Unknown was killed by Lord Death Man, but Batman, Catwoman, and the new Mr. Unknown, Jiro Osamu, stopped Lord Death Man (ultimately firing him into space) and Mr. Unknown, after faking his own death, became the Batman of Japan.

Bruce's next stop was Buenos Aires, Argentina. Bruce offered his longtime associate, El Gaucho, membership in Batman Inc, but the Argentinean crime fighter refused. Nevertheless, the two have teamed up in an investigation to locate three kidnapped children. The criminals behind the kidnappings were Scorpiana and the presumed deceased El Sombrero. El Sombrero forced Batman and El Gaucho to kill one another in order to save the children, but Bruce was able to beat the death trap and he and El Gaucho saved the children. However, Bruce learned during the fight that El Gaucho had a role in the death of Kathy Kane, the original Batwoman.

Later, Batman and El Gaucho teamed up with Batwoman and The Hood to stop Scorpiana and Dr. Dedalus on the Falkland Island. While Batwoman defeated Scorpiana, the Dr. Dedalus on the island was a fake and the true doctor is working for Leviathan. Bruce is next seen in Africa where he rescues his Batman Inc agent from a group loyal to Leviathan.

With DC Comics Continuity all returning to #1 in comics, Batman Incorporated will soon be getting an issue 1 in early 2012. Grant Morrison had this to say,

“Batman, Incorporated will continue through to Issue #10 and August’s shocking season finale that changes the Batman status quo yet again. The series will take a brief hiatus while I work on a major new project to be announced shortly. Batman, Incorporated returns next year with me, Chris Burnham and Batman: Leviathan, the epic 12 part conclusion to my 6 year Batman saga. Don’t miss it!”

Batman Inc. Members (Gotham)

Bruce Wayne - Batman, CEO of Batman Inc.

Bruce Wayne

Founder of Batman Incorporated, Bruce Wayne has returned to Gotham. Darkseid had sent him through time and Bruce had traveled from the era of the cavemen all the way back to the 21st century. Darkseid's plan was for Bruce to acquire so much Omega energy that Bruce would destroy the universe itself, but Bruce stopped Darkseid's plan with the help of Red Robin and the Justice League. Bruce's entire outlook on the nature of Batman changed after his 'death.' He's come to embrace what he calls 'the first truth of Batman,' that being that Batman's war on crime was never a solitary mission. Bruce seeks to expand the Batman Family in a much more corporate nature. Bruce has two goals currently, to turn the symbol of Batman into the global antithesis of the very idea of crime, and to defeat a mysterious organization known only as Leviathan.

Dick Grayson - Nightwing

Dick Grayson

Dick Grayson assumed the mantle of Batman during the events of Battle for the Cowl after Bruce "died" at the hands of Darkseid and Gotham was plunged into chaos. He is accompanied by Damian Wayne, Bruce's son and the latest Robin. As Batman, Bruce has entrusted the city's well being to Dick Grayson while Bruce journeys around to world spreading the influence of Batman Inc.,. When Bruce returned from time, Dick was going to become Nightwing again, but instead Bruce decided that Dick should be the protector of Gotham City and continue to work with Damian as the Dynamic Duo. However now in the New 52 Grayson has again donned the Nightwing suit but this time in a red/black theme.

Tim Drake - Red Robin

Tim Drake

Tim Drake believed that Bruce Wayne was still alive and embarked on a quest to prove it. Dick Grayson offered Tim the chance to become his crime-fighting partner, but he declined. Eventually, everyone soon found that Tim Drake was correct, and that Bruce was not dead, but lost in time. Tim Drake is one of the senior members of Batman Incorporated that operates out of Gotham.

Damian Wayne (Deceased) - Robin

Damian Wayne

Son of the Batman and Talia-al Ghul, Damian Wayne is now secure in his role as Robin and isn't the Robin to his father (Bruce). Instead, he is the Robin to Dick Grayson's Batman. Originally showing disdain for his adoptive brother, Damian has come to respect Dick Grayson, and may be the only person Damian truly cares for. Since he began working for the Waynes, Damian has made an enemy out of the League of Shadows, causing Talia to shun her son as long as he continues to work for Batman Inc.

Damian fought The Heretic and sadly died trying to protect everyone.

Selina Kyle - Catwoman

Selina Kyle

On again, off again romantic interest of Bruce Wayne, Selina is an member of Batman Incorporated for whenever it benefits her. She loves Bruce and wishes to aid him, but isn't opposed to thieving if the opportunity presents itself. Since Bruce's return from time, Selina has had much time to spend with Bruce on many occasions. She joined Batman Incorporated on a trip to recruit Jiro, the Batman of Japan. After her trip to Japan, she has been traveling with Bruce from Gotham and other places in the world. She often admits that she feels indebted to Bruce and the Bat Family for all the help they have given to her over the years, and thus, remains a begrudging member of Batman Inc.

Barbara Gordon - Oracle

Barbara Gordan

Oracle is the beholder of Internet 3.0. She was entrusted Internet 3.0 by the original Batman, Bruce Wayne. She has been a dedicated member of Batman Incorporated, and she is also the leader of Gotham's division of the Birds of Prey. She operates out of Kord Tower and has recently staged the "Death of Oracle." She serves as Batman Inc.'s information broker and collector for the majority of investigative operations.

Katherine "Kate" Kane - Batwoman

Kate Kane

Through pursuing her own agenda concerning the Religion of Crime, Kate Kane has been shown aiding Batman Inc. by tracking down a gangster named Johnny Valentine and discovering the secrets of her predecessor, Katherine Webb-Kane, the first Batwoman. While pursuing Valentine through Kane's personal circus, Batwoman is attacked by a female assassin impersonating Webb-Kane who is also clad in a replica of the original Batwoman's costume. While Kate restrains the woman, her father reveals that Valentine is connected to a Nazi war-criminal operating out of South America, and tells Kate that she needs to get down there to find out what is going on. From this point on, Kate accompanies Batman, The Hood and El Gaucho to the Falkland Islands in pursue of the mysterious Dr. Dedalus, an agent of Leviathan and father to Kathy Kane.

Stephanie Brown - Batgirl

Stephanie Brown

Formerly the first female Robin, Stephanie Brown was thought killed by the first Black Mask in War Games before returning as a protege of Cassandra Cain. Before Bruce was lost in time, he told Cassandra Cain-Wayne to give the role of Batgirl to Stephanie Brown, whom was Spoiler at the time. When Bruce disappeared, Cassandra did exactly what she was told and disappeared not long after. Now, Stephanie Brown is the newest Batgirl. Stephanie works with Oracle, the Birds of Prey, and Wendy during her solo nights in Gotham City. Bruce has revealed that he wants Stephanie to accomplish College in England, though for what purpose is currently unknown.

Stephanie has not been mentioned in DC Comics since before the New 52 reboot. So it is unkown whether she is still a part of Batman Inc and if she is still operating under the name Batgirl. She may not even exist at all in this current continuity.

Helena Bertinelli - Huntress

Helena Bertinelli

Though she, Bruce Wayne, and some of the Bat Family had shared a shaky past through out the years, Huntress remained one of Barbara Gordon's closest friends and allies as a charter member of the Birds of Prey. At the request of Barbara Gordon, Bruce agreed to include Huntress in his war against Leviathan.

Alfred Pennyworth

Alfred Pennyworth

Team medic, butler, undercover operative, and one of the most devoted members of Bruce Wayne's family. Alfred works with Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne in Gotham City currently and when Bruce was lost in time. He frequently teams-up with Bruce (Batman) when he is in Gotham, or Bruce has asked him to do something else, equally important.

Commissioner James Gordon

Commissioner Gordon

Long-time ally and supporter of Bruce Wayne and his war on crime, Gordon is deemed a "Batman" in his own right, working on the other side of the law, and further supporting the Batman Incorporated effort to rid Gotham City of crime.

Vicki Vale

Vicki Vale

Journalist for the Gotham Gazette, Vicki Vale originally set about to uncover the true identity of Batman, but in the process managed to attract the attention of Ra's al-Ghul who sent assassins to destroy Vale's evidence. After a failed assassination attempt by the League of Shadows, Vicki burned her evidence of Batman's identity and admitted to Bruce that she hated him for ignoring her and only wanted to be a part of his family, after which Bruce invited her to become a member of Batman Inc.

The Outsiders

The Outsiders

Bruce Wayne once again reforms The Outsiders, this time putting Tim Drake in charge of Metamorpho, Katana, Looker, Halo and Freight Train. For this iteration of The Outsiders, Wayne wants Drake to lead them as a secret-stealth operative team.

International Recruits

Cyril Shelldrake (Deceased) and Beryl Hutchinson - Knight and Squire: United Kingdom

Knight and Squire

Considered to be the British equivalent to Batman and Robin, Knight and Squire often aid Batman during his many outings to the United Kingdom. Recently, they helped Dick Grayson during Battle for the Cowl, helped to take down King Coal and Pearly English, and also helped to resurrect the clone of Batman that was created by Darkseid during Final Crisis.

Knight sadly died in a brave battle against The Heretic.

Cassandra Cain - Blackbat: China

Cassandra Cain - Blackbat

In case of Bruce Wayne's potential death, Cassandra Cain was given orders to head to Hong Kong for reasons still unknown. Tim Drake would eventually visit her, returning her original Batgirl costume to her, and while she didn't accept the mantle, she kept the costume. Some time later she is seen in Hong Kong dawning a modified costume, and operating under Batman Incorporated with the codename Blackbat.

Bilal Asselah - Nightrunner: France

Bilal Asselah - Nightrunner

Bilal Asselah became a member of Batman Incorporated when Dick and Bruce came to France to stop rioting and suicide. Bilal, with the combined efforts of Bruce and Dick, defeated the evil mastermind named Corrigan. Bilal is the Batman of France.

Jiro Osamu - Mr. Unknown: Japan

Jiro Osamu - Mr. Unknown

Jiro joined Batman and Catwoman on a mission to defeat Lord Death Man. Lord Death Man killed the original Mr. Unknown, and Jiro wanted vengeance on what happened to his old master. After defeating Lord Death Man, Jiro was allowed to take his mentor's place as the Japanese representative of Batman Inc.

David Zavimbi - Batwing: Northern Africa

David Zavimbi - Batwing

A new member to Batman Incorporated seen performing recon on African militia groups loyal to Leviathan. Later teamed up with Traktir and Spidra of the Super-Kollektive.

Santiago Vargas - El Gaucho: Argentina

Santiago Vargas - El Gaucho

Though initially turning down Bruce Wayne's invitation to Batman Incorporated, he gets sucked into a fight that leads secrets he connecting him to the Leviathan and the death of the original Batwoman. Repenting for keeping secrets from his friend, Gaucho joins Batman Incorporated shortly there after.

George Cross - The Hood: United Kingdom

George Cross - The Hood

A modern-day Robin Hood who steals from wealthy criminals to give to the poor. Operating on his own orders from Mi5 and the English Secret Service, The Hood crosses paths with Batman Incorporated during Batman's first real encounter with Leviathan and Dr. Dedalus. Though seemingly coincidental, he was sent by his handlers T.H.E.Y. to infiltrate Batman Incorporated for unknown reasons.

Dr. William Eagle - Chief Man-of-Bats: Sioux Nation

Dr. William Eagle - Chief Man-of-Bats

Originally a member of the Batmen of All Nations, Chief Man-of-Bats worked with Batman and the rest of the Batmen of All nations when the team was threatened by The Black Glove. He will play a supporting role in future issues of Batman Inc.

Raven Red: Sioux Nation

Raven Red

Formerly Little Raven . Raven Red is the son and sidekick of Chief Man-of-Bats. Helped Batman and the Batmen of All Nations when they were threatened by The Black Glove. The "Robin" equivalent to Man-of-Bats and the Sioux Nation.

Dark Ranger II: Australia

Dark Ranger

Though the original Dark Ranger was killed by Wingman, his sidekick The Scout took up his mantle and was inducted into Batman Incorporated as the Australian representative of the team.

Jason Todd - Wingman II: Unknown


The first Wingman was influenced by The Black Glove to turn on his allies, and kill some of them. Now, Batman has given the identity to Jason Todd. Batman claimed that it was crucial for his identity to be kept a secret and that this was an opportunity to salvage the reputation of Wingman.

Ravil (Deceased) - Batman of Moscow

Ravil was chasing a random thug when he was attacked by Nobody. Nobody then dipped Ravil into a vat of acid "erasing him." He did this as a message to Bruce Wayne that he disapproved of the Batman branding. (Batman and Robin)