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Tried to add a few more of her powers. She telekinetically disassembled a jeep and other things later on. She has also telepathically communicated with all humans on earth and animals by issue 5. She can also survive in outer space as well as sense changes in the world. But i don't know what to name those. btw, she first appears on the first page of Mara #1.

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Mara Prince is an athlete who had started training at the age of two. She actually wanted to do martial arts but tested better for volleyball. Her desire to go to school and have friends was ignored to turn her into a star athlete. She joined her first team at seven and at the age of ten she already played in the professional leagues. Now she is seventeen, a superstar and role model for girls all over the world.


Mara Prince was created by Mara writer Brian Wood and artist Ming Doyle, and first appeared in Mara #1.

Character Evolution

In one match, she seems to suddenly have super-speed but despite many accusations, she doesn't explain her behavior. When the pressure and claims of her being a cheater increase, she flies away, surprising everyone even more.