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This page is for the current Vigilante

For the original Vigilante see Greg Sanders


(First Appearance The New Teen Titans Issue #23)

Adrian Chase was a New York district attorney whose wife Doris and two children are killed by mobsters after he convicts their boss. It is after this that Adrian decides to seek justice in his own way as the Vigilante with the help of two partners. One partner is Jonathan James (J. J.) Davis, a technology wizard and computer genius. His other partner is Theresa Gomez. Theresa is Adrian's research assistant who helps him decide what cases are worth investigating. At the start, he did not kill indiscriminately, instead preferring to incapacitate enemies. He was still prepared to kill if his life was in danger or if he decided that the target absolutely had to die. He had a preference for high power revolvers.


Vigilante was created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez.

Character Evolution

Adrian Chase

Adrian Chase (Vigilante I)

Only six months into his career he kills a henchman called Brand in a life or death struggle on the top of a roller-coaster, and his boss Mr. Quilt when Mr. Quilt pulls a gun on him. He later beats a man whom he had years earlier wrongly convicted of a crime. This poor start to his career leads Adrian to quit his career as the Vigilante and become the sixth Generation of Chase to work at the family firm. He is only a lawyer at the firm for a short time before he decides that he can not live with himself if he is to defend people he know are guilty and he becomes the Vigilante again. He is convinced by the Teen Titan, Cyborg to not kill as a first choice. Vigilante hunted down the criminal William Stryker who was guilty of many crimes including shooting Adrian's friend J. J. Davis and raping his fiance. While hunting Stryker, Vigilante instead shoots Cyborg and gets Stryker to confess to his crimes and tell where the evidence can be found. When Cyborg awakes in a hospital he finds a get well card from the Vigilante.

This is the first start for Vigilante to not kill unless he is forced too. This causes him problems right away when he faces Cannon and Saber. He confronts the two in their apartment and he attempts to capture them but they get the drop on him. As a result Vigilante gets stabbed, shot, very nearly executed and his identity revealed. His attempts at being a less-than-lethal hero changes when he allowed a police officer to die as a direct result of his actions. Afterwords he became more and more violent and cared less about who got caught in the crossfire. Adrian was a violent crime-fighter but in his civilian life he became tormented by his actions. Eventually Adrian quit being Vigilante, believing that he could be both more effective and also more happy as a judge. He had used the Vigilante persona as a way of combating medical depression, and it became very hard for him to resist his new-found violent tendencies.

Allen Wells

Allen Wells (Vigilante II)

After Chase quit his friend Allen Wells took up the mantle of Vigilante without Adrian's knowledge. Allen was even more violent as a Vigilante than Adrian. This caused Adrian to track down and kill the new Vigilante. He does just that, only to find out it is his best friend Allen. This is the point where Adrian, overcome by self hate and his own failure, completely relapses into his role as the Vigilante.

Dave Winston

Dave Winston (Vigilante III)

Chase became more guilt ridden after the death of his friend. His civilian life and Vigilante life became more blurred when he tried to cover up the fact that Allen was the Vigilante. Dave Winston, Adrian's bailiff was the third person to assume the mantle of Vigilante. Despite Adrian's advice, Winston refused to kill. Winston would not be so lucky as he was murdered by Peacemaker while attempting to stop the hijacking of a plane.

Adrian Chase Returns

Adrian Returns (Vigilante I)

Adrian once again assumes the role of Vigilante. He felt that it was the only way to protect his loved ones. The first thing he does is seek revenge on Peacemaker. Adrian however has been out of the game for too long and when he finds Peacemaker he is beaten and unmasked on live television due to being out of shape. This of course destroys his secret identity and forces him to stay as the Vigilante. Adrian become more sickened with himself and falls victim to depression, paranoia, and violence as he becomes more and more unbalanced. He began killing anyone who got in his way, even police. Near the end, he had no quams about killing cops, or whether an innocent civilian was killed because of his actions. He eventually is unable to take the guilt anymore and commits suicide. His death becomes public knowledge throughout the crimefighting community. In death Adrian ends up in purgatory. He helps battle the guardians of the realm, so heroes can escape with the soul of Hal Jordan.

Patricia Trayce

Patricia Trayce (Vigilante IV)

The next Vigilante was Patricia Trayce. She was a Gotham cop who met and fell in love with a fellow officer named Paul. The two married but Paul was killed in the line of duty and shortly after that Luis, Pat's partner, was killed also. Even though she took both deaths hard she grieved more over her partner Luis. Pat became frustrated with the city's revolving door justice system, in particular the protection of a mob killer or hire. She was suspended from duty by Commisioner Gordon. Soon Afterward, she dedicated herself to vigilantism. Some of her most famous battles have been with the assassin known as Deathstroke.

Adeline Wilson

Adeline Wilson (Vigilante V)

Addie Wilson had went insane and she donned a the Vigilante costume and came into conflict with Slade and the Ravager. After Adeline was bruised and healed immediately, Slade guessed the truth: Slade's blood transfusion gave her rapid-healing powers, but also was driving her quite mad. During the fracas with Ravager, Addie was shot between the eyes and presumed dead. Later, in the morgue, Adeline awoke. Apparently, she had gained Slade's immortality as well.

Justin Sutter Powell

Justin Sutter Powell (Vigilante VI)

Justin Sutter encountered a murderer as a child. This causes him to have his name changed to Justin Scott Powell. As he grew up he became attracted to violence. Justin would also become the Vigilante, only he does this subconsciously. He is eventually able to reconcile the two personalities.

Dorian Chase

Dorian Chase (Vigilante VII)

A relative of Adrian Chase, Dorian has become the new Vigilante. This Vigilante shot Dick Grayson while he was in a disguise, infiltrating Penguin's gang. He later fought Batman but was defeated. Vigilante discovers that there is a rogue superhero, possibly in the titans. He tries to discover who. He lets himself get captured, and is sent to prison, where there is an informant he needs to find. However, before he can get to him, the informant is killed by the Electrocutioner. Vigilante continues his search. He finds Jericho to be the corrupt superhero and blinds him by gouging his eyes out.

His equipment included black skintight clothing, a kevlar vest fitted with holsters, white gloves and boots, and a polymer/steel helmet with a trademark v shaped visor.

He carries a pair of Berreta 92fs' as his sidearms. He uses a simple mini grapple to move around rooftops and other hard to reach places. He carries a comlink.

Major Story Arcs

Justin was last seen alongside Wild Dog and Crimson Avenger on a rooftop in the great battle of Metropolis in Infinite Crisis. Dorian targets the unbalanced Jericho for assassination in Deathtrap.

Powers & Abilities

All the Vigilantes were self trained yet proficient martial artists and marksmen.


A custom Motorcycle equipped with missile launcher and a stabilizer created by one of his partners J. J. Davis.

Other Versions