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Episode - The Emperor's Quest EDIT  

Original Title: あらららー!タマがない! (Arararaa! Tama ga Nai!)

Taking a break from their journeying, Goku & Bulma settle down on some grass. Goku is prepared to rough it and camp out in a tent but Bulma protests and instead withdraws a DynoCapsule and activates it, causing a fully functional house to pop up out of no-where. Goku is alarmed by this but eventually agrees to come inside.

As the two begin to relax, Goku comments that he doesn't like the food, and so ventures out in the wild to catch his own game, eventually crossing paths with Mai & Shu in the process and saving them from ravenous wolves as well.

Fully fed, having been ordered to eat his catches outside by Bulma, once he returns inside she remarks that Goku smells foul and suggests he take a bath. Goku is baffled by what the concept of a 'bath' might be, so Bulma agrees to wash him, and sure enough hilarious shenanigans ensue.

When morning dawns, after more shenanigans, Goku grows bored of observing Bulma carrying out her morning routine, so he decides to venture outside and train, soon coming across a rather curious visitor -- Turtle.

Finding himself miles from home, Goku agrees to return him to the deep blue drink, with Bulma following soon after.