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Sanjar Javeed was the illegitimate son of King Shapur II and one of his servants. The king was reknowned for his generosity, strength and compassion. However, to keep his illegitimate son a secret Sanjar was shown none of these qualities. The hypocrisy drove Sanjar mad and also to thievery. Sanjar stole rare treasures from his father to give to the townspeople so that he could get the attention he felt was owed to him as a prince. Unfortunately, his mutant powers awoke and he developed an "ailment aura". His powers turned the treasures into conduits for many diseases and spread disease and death throughout the kingdom. As his father expired he named his son "The Seraph of Death". In Persia circa 325A.D. Apocalypse declared that The Seraph of Death was aptly named and so instructed Ozymandias to collect Sanjar Javeed as the second of his Final Horsemen, Death.

He was loyal to baby Apocalypse and later to Archangel, being part of the final horsemen battling uncanny X-Force. He was later killed (decapitated) by Deathlok who was inmune to his mutant power because he was already death.

But for some reason he is now not dead and is instead running the The Pan-Asian School For The Unusually Gifted with Jimmy Woo.


Ozymandias describes his powers as the ability to transmit a wide spectrum of deadly diseases via personal contact with metal. Currently, he channels his powers through metal rings on both his hands.