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Brief History

Frank Drake & Harold H. HaroldHarold H. Harold was a writer that was fascinated by vampires. This brought him to the attention of the so-called Dracula Hunters, whom he himself allied with. He became close friends with other members of the group, namely Frank Drake, Rachel Van Helsing, and Quincy Harker. The group used his expertise on vampires on different occasions. Quincy however came under the influance of Dracula at a certain point. Unknown is whether he himself wanted this or it was solely Dracula's doing. Either way, he asked Dracula to bite him so he could finnaly know what it was to be a vampire. He was eventually killed in the final battle of the Dracula-Hunters against Dracula.   Many years later, Blade was tricked into casting a spell that was supposed to resurrect all the vampires that had been killed. Whether this truly happened, and if this means Harold H. Harold is once more in the land of the living remains to be seen.