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Korugar is located in Space Sector 1417. It is the home planet of Sinestro, Katma Tui, and Soranik Natu.

Korugar is a planet located in space sector 1417.   Little of its history is known prior to the assumption of power by former Green Lantern Corps member Sinestro.   As he interpreted the mandate of the Green Lantern Corps, he ruled the planet in as a totalitarian system, thus attempting to stop the citizens from any criminal activity, but in this way his own actions became evil.   A rebellion against Sinestro was organized by members of the planet, including among them Katma Tui, who would serve as Sinestro’s replacement in the corps.   This also caused that the planet become quite hostile to the corps despite attempts to assure the residents of the planet of their benevolent nature.   The most recent resident of the planet to become a Green Lantern is Soranik Natu, although her distrust of the corps caused her to refuse the ring up until the point that she realized she needed it to save a life.   With three known present of past members of the corps the planet has the one of the greatest presences in the corps.   Only other planets such as Earth (which has produced many former member, including four at present) and Graxos IV (Arisia’s home planet) can compare in numbers of members.   The capital city and largest city on the planet is Korugar City.  

Ever interested in retribution against their former ruler, the Korugarans sought their planet to be the place of Sinestro’s execution following the Sinestro Corps War.   However, he was intercepted and captured en route by Atrocitus and the Red Lanterns (from whom he later escaped).   The Green Lantern Corps was once again regarded poorly by the residents of the planet for their failure in provide and effective delivery.     

Korugar is later invaded by the Mongul Corps, a splinter faction of the Sinestro Corps, led by their namesake, Mongul.

The Korugarians are freed from Mongul's tyranny by Sinestro himself, who uses Mongul's own rings to imprison him inside their Corps' central power battery.    As

As Sinestro leaves with the Rainbow Rodeo to deal with the Black Lantern Corps, Sinestro issued an order for all Sinestro Corpsmen to gather at Korugar and protect it through the Blackest Night.  The The planet is later the setting of a relief mission by Soranik and Kyle Rayner.  It It is during this mission that she is abducted by the Weaponer.   

After the reboot into the new 52 Sinestro is given a green power ring and with the aid of Hal Jordan he returns to Korugar to free it from the marauding Sinestro Corps.