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THE SPIDER-MAN CROSSOVER EVENT OF THE DECADE CONTINUES HERE! The next stage in Spidey’s history starts here, True Believer. When the cocoon bursts, what comes out might surprise you. And just who is “The Other?”     Morlun departs. The authorities take Spidey to a hospital where Morlun attacks again, fending off MJ. Spidey rises up, more spider than man, pins Morlun to the floor with wrist-stingers, and bites him in the head. Morlun fades into dust and Peter dies. Iron Man takes his body to Avengers Tower, where it is found slpit open and empty as if something has emerged. Later, a large cocoon appears attached to the Brooklyn Bridge. From within the cocoon, Peter dreams. A Spider-Man-like creature confronts him, calling him a fool for dealing with his spider side as a superficial toy, telling him the spider within him refused to die, rusing up and killing Morlun. It adds that a spider may shed its skin once, ordering Peter to accept the spider this time and embrace the Other. The creature become the Great Weaver and stings Peter, who emerges from the cocoon, returning to a tearful reunion at Avengers Tower. Tony tells him they disposed of his Spidey costume but offers to redesign it. Later, Peter goes to the lab and removes his wedding ring from his old body.