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The Witchblade is the offspring of the primal forces of the universe, The Darkness & the Angelus. It is male and generally chooses a female host. It is semi-organic and reacts supernaturally to threats. It is able to grant its host a variety of weapons and can heal the wearer.
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In the Top Cow Universe, there are two opposing forces named The Darkness and The Angelus. The Darkness represented Chaos and Darkness while the Angelus represented Light and Order. Throughout the years they have been at war with each other and constantly try to kill the wielder of either the Darkness or the Angelus. However, the Darkness and Angelus had an offspring together. That offspring would be known as the Witchblade. The Witchblade was created as a balance between the Darkness and the Angelus. The Witchblade is a male and it requires a female host. It first crashed like a meteorite on Earth near the beginning of when the Earth formed. The Witchblade was soon discovered by Una, who would become the very first wielder of the Witchblade. The Witchblade would eventually have to change hosts as time went by. Eventually it would be discovered by Kenneth Irons in the present time,who had sought it for years and yearned to wield it. However, the Witchblade itself chooses who shall wield it's power so it chose NYPD detective Sara Pezzini.


Witchblade was created by Marc Silvestri, David Wohl, Brian Haberlin and Michael Turner.

Character Evolution

Witchblade Wielders In Chronological Order

Una (First Wielder)


The first to wield the Witchblade, Una discovered it when it crashed like a meteor onto Earth. Accompanied by her pet saber tooth tiger, she went to investigate. However, she quickly discovers that it was no ordinary meteor but a living organism that reached out and bonded with Una. And so, this was the beginning for the Witchblade. Una became to first bearer of the Witchblade and the first to struggle for power against it.

Nissa (2nd century)


Nissa met with Red Sonja on one of her trips to vanquish evil. Nissa was impaled by an fallen angel Ragniel, Red Sonja saved her body, and the Witchblade chose Red Sonja as a temporary wielder. Nissa also fought alongside of the Devi, in her first battle against Tama. Nissa again was ran through with a sword, she seemingly lost her life there.

Lysandra (Greece 7th century B.C.)


A peasant girl from Athens, Lysandra became determined to find Mt. Olympus so she could speak to the Gods. She eventually discovers Mt. Olympus and climbs up it to find no Gods, but an organic glove. When it called out her name, she knew it was her destiny to put it on. Lysandra became the next bearer of the Witchblade.

Princess Raquel (Egypt 1000 B.C.)

Princess Raquel

She was a Princess in Ancient Egypt who was betrothed (arranged marriage) to Prince Sallah since her birth. Right before their wedding, Raquel discovered Sallah having an affair with a cat goddess named Bastet. Raquel warned Sallah of the consequences for mingling with the Gods, but he ignored her. Raquel became desperate and prayed to Anubis to stop Sallah. Anubis directed Raquel to a cave that was holding the Witchblade. Now bonded with the Witchblade, Raquel was able to trap Bastet’s soul in a statue. However, Sallah had been giving immortality from Bastet and became enraged with what Raquel had done to his lover. He ends up killing Raquel with his bare hands and stores Bastet away until he can find a way to revive her. Three Thousand years later Bastet was revived by Sallah, and Bastet wants revenge against the Witchblade, despite the new user to be Sara Pezzini and not Princess Raquel.


Samantha (Rome c. 229 A.D.)


Samantha lived during the monarch of the Roman Empire. Her village was attacked and she was sold to slavery. Samantha tries to contact her lost family by smuggling letters, but she was soon caught and thrown in a dungeon. She eventually escaped and began wandering the world. However, Samantha did not know how to survive on her own but was fortunate to be founded by Druids passing by. They took her in, trained her, and gave her the Witchblade. The Druids believed in a prophecy that states Samantha would soon rid the Romans from their land. She returned to her village and killed Roman soldiers trying to rape a young girl. She would eventually be caught but refused to use the Witchblade as they would’ve branded her a witch. Right before her execution, she decided to use the Witchblade and ended up destroying her village and the Romans in it. Samantha would continue her journey to bring the Romans to justice.

Zara, Queen of Bones (England 359 A.D.)

Zara, Queen of Bones

She was half demon, a conqueror. She fought Kideon, who wielded Sword of Lucifer, and defeated him. Merlin approached her and made a deal with her, but betrayed her later. She was killed by Butcher Knight.


Septima Zenobia

Leung Lin Yao (China 722 A.D.)

Leung Lin Yao

A myth emerged in Ancient China, and it spoke of a powerful woman who wore a gauntlet that resembles a dragon. She was so powerful that she was able to train a dragon and summon it at will. She was also rumored to single-handedly force the Mongol’s to stop their invasion at the Great Wall of China.


Katarina Godliffe (1175-1178 Medieval England)


Katarina was no ordinary woman, she was a thief, a treasure hunter, and an explorer. However, when she was billed an excessive amount at a pub, she was forced to shovel manure to pay her debt. While shoveling, she digs up the Witchblade. Then a battle between the army of the Darkness and a Medieval Spawn ensued near Katarina, the Witchblade came to life and bonded with her. Katarina was able to defeat the army and began to team up with the Knight. Together, the two teamed with Katarina’s friend Stalker and went on a crusade to defeat all the Darkness in the world. When they defeated the Lord Cardinale, the knight then revealed to Katarina that they were lovers from another life. She laughed and went her separate ways along with Stalker to continue their treasure hunting.

Annabella Altavista (1213 Sicily)

Annabella Altavista

Annabella was left to be raised by a religious organization called Emanuele. They were also given the “Hand of God” at the same time. After her 18th birthday, Annabella began questioning her life and about the “Hand of God” as it was never mentioned in the bible. After their members attacked their own religious group, Annabella was discovered and the rival religious group called Swamians began to look for her. The Emanuele tried to protect Annabella by wielding the “Hand of God” but were unsuccessful. Annabella decided to pick up the “Hand of God” and the Emanuele realize she can use it. Annabelle battled against the Swamians and defeated them. Annabella would become the people’s savior.

Maitea (1288 Yucatan)


Maitea was a Mayan priestess who came across the Witchblade. However, she did not understand why the blade came to her and chose her. She decided to perform rituals to learn more answers about the Witchblade. She had to do a human sacrifice, she began to prey and it seems that her prays have been answered. However, it was not the serpent god that she was looking for, it was the Angelus, the mother of the Witchblade. The Angelus was attempting to influence the Witchblade to tip the balance to the Angelus’ favor in order to defeat the Darkness. There was a rumor that the Witchblade possessed her and shortly after, all her people disappeared.

Amali (14th century, Arabia)

Shared the Witchblade with her sister Amani.

Amani (14th century, Arabia)

Amali & Amani

Shared the Witchblade with her sister Amali.

Joan of Arc (1429-1431 France)

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc was a celebrated warrior that claimed to hear voices and sees visions from God. However, it was not God, it was actually the Witchblade talking to her. Joan used the Witchblade to end the Siege of Orleans to help the French in their war against England. Joan was supposedly burned to death on a stake on May 30, 1431. However, 5 years later she re-emerged in Paris. The person that burned on the stake was actually Joan’s lover named Gilles de Rais, he had sworn a blood oath to protect Joan at the cost of his own life. Joan changed her name to Joan of Armoises and wandered the world until one day, she mysteriously vanished along with the Witchblade and was never seen again.

Queen Kijani (1510 Timbuktu)

Queen Kijani

Queen Kijani was a Witchblade Wielder who ruled the lost city of Tombuto. Although Askia Mohammad I was seen as the ruler of that land, Queen Kijani was the real leader behind the scenes. While Mohammad controlled the land’s wealth, Kijani had all the power. Since she was a Witchblade wielder, she was able to defend her city without the aid of an army.

Queen Isabella

Shiori-sama (1632 Japan)


Shiori was the wife of Nabushige, the ruler of their kingdom. However, a man named Tsunemoto attacked their kingdom attempting to take it over. They killed Nabushige and Shiori was exiled from her own kingdom. She began wandering Japan and began having dreams of her husband’s murder and a blade calling her name. She decided to go look for it and befriend more female warriors along the way. They finally arrive at Mt. Kurama and Shiori discovers the Witchblade. She returns to her kingdom along with her new friends and attempt to retake her kingdom back. Shiori defeats Tsunemoto and is the ruler of her kingdom once again, defending it along with the female warriors.

Yuka-chan (1635 Japan)


Yuka was Shiori's chosen successor, after she had a baby. Yuka-chan fought with a wielder of The Blood Sword do defend Shiori-sama. Blood Sword wielder came to get the Witchblade, as ordered by her master, but Yuka-chan was better than her and defeated her. Acting on her principle "Do not let enemy live, to act vengeance upon you" she killed the Blood Sword wielder and claimed her sword her own.

Roxanne Laroque (17th Century France)

Roxanne Laroque

Disguised as a man, Roxanne became a feared Musketeer while wielding the Witchblade. When someone attempted to assassinate King Louis XIV, Roxanne came to defend him. However, during the fight her hat fell off and revealed that she was really a woman. Now that her gender was revealed, Roxanne left the Musketeers and disappeared. However, she would stay in France and defend the weak against criminals as a vigilante.

Anne Bonny (1718 The Caribbean)

Anne Bonny

When Anne Bonny was young, she met a pirate named Calico Jack Rackham. She joined him as a pirate even though women were not allowed to become pirates. Anne was a tough woman, in every fight she would go after the strongest man and defeat them. They would later steal a treasure map from their arch nemesis, Blackbeard. Anne and Rackham set off in their Jolly Roger ship and found the island. The treasure that was there was actually the Witchblade. Blackbeard followed them and would ambush them. Anne took the Witchblade and used it to save the crew from Blackbeard. Later, Blackbeard would attack them again on a ship battle. Anne used a pistol in one hand and the Witchblade on the other to defend against Blackbeard. In 1720 Anne and the others would be captured and sentenced to death. However, Anne revealed that she was pregnant and was sent to prison. She escaped from prison and rumor has it that she moved to the Carolinas to begin a new life.

Enola (1876 Western United States)


The wild west, a place where outlaws and lawmen were the power of the area. However, there were never any records written about an amazing gunslinger that was actually a woman. She was half Arapaho and half white, she wielded that Witchblade and was the most accurate gunner to ever live in the old west. She is a myth, and remained unbeaten in a duel.

Florence Nightingale

Marie Curie

Elizabeth Brontë

Bernadette (~1888 Paris)

Bernadette was a waitress in Paris who fought crime at night using the Witchblade. She was killed by Dorian Gray.

Josephine Valmont (1898 Paris)

An African woman of common lineage who mingled with Paris aristocracy, commanding their every gaze and desire. Her beauty was matched only by the grace with which she controlled the Witchblade. It is unknown how she found or gave up the Witchblade but it is certain that Kenneth Irons was involved.

Letty Swan (Late 19th Century Chicago)

Letty Swan was seen wielding the Witchblade and fighting alongside Darkness wielder Teo Estacado and Magdalena Charlotte. They trapped the fountain underground then. Letty Swan also had encountered a Banshee in her lifetime.

Tasya Federova (1942 Stalingrad, Russia)

Tasya Federova

A Witchblade wielder during World War 2. She defended Doroga Zhizni (The Road of Life) on the front line of the 900-day siege on Lenigrad. More then 600,000 people died in that 900 days, except for Tasya, who escaped with minor injuries.

Colin X

First Male Wielder

Sara Pezzini (Present NYC)

Sara Pezzini

Taking a bullet for her partner, detective Sara Pezzini was mortally wounded. It is then the Witchblade chooses Sara as his new wielder, healing her wounds and giving her access to his power. When she got pregnant she decided to give the Witchblade away. She again died giving birth, but Witchblade didn't let that happen and now she's currently wields half of the Witchblade with Danielle Baptiste. But Witchblade does not like to be separated, leading to inevitable conflict between the two.

Kenneth Irons - Present NYC

Kenneth Irons

Kenneth Irons was obsessed with the Witchblade from the very first moments. He was the one who dug it up and took to New York. He tried to use it himself and it cost him his hand. He also told Dannette Boucher to try the Witchblade, but it rejected her too, but left behind a piece of it. He then searched a way to control the blade, marking himself with mystical symbols. When Sara Pezzini got the Witchblade, Kenneth managed to wield the Witchblade on for a brief moment before Sara took full control again.

Ian Nottingham (Present NYC/Japan)

Ian Nottingham

Nottingham became a wielder of the Witchblade when Sara gave the blade to him willingly during Family Ties event. Nottingham gave into the Witchblade’s thirst for blood unlike Sara, and he was able to unleash the blade’s full power. Sara eventually retrieved the blade from him. He would later discover a weapon that was said to rival the Witchblade’s power named the Excalibur. Again Ian gave into the blood lust and used the powers more efficiently than Sara. But at the end Excalibur was revealed to be a part of Witchblade, and Sara took that weapon from him too.

Lara Croft (Present NYC)

Lara Croft

Witchblade chose Lara for a short time wielder to save current wielder Sara Pezzini, as destroying Weave 's machine, caused an energy build-up in the Witchblade. Lara was killed with the energy release, she however was resurrected later by Nehebkau, guardian of the underworld.

Kaylie (Present NYC)

When Sara Pezzini was suffering temporary amnesia, and was married to Wolverine, Kaylie had somehow got possession of the Witchblade. But she wasn't in control. Sara Pezzini ordered the Witchblade back to her, and it listened.

Danielle Baptiste (Present NYC)

Danielle Baptiste

Dani meets Sara Pezzini while shopping at an antique store, owned by the ever mysterious and enigmatic Curator. Dani instantly recognized the Witchblade as the gauntlet in her dreams and impulsively decided to accept it from Sara since she was expecting a child and Dani was looking for meaning in her life. The blade would later give half of it's power back to Sara upon discovering the Darkness and Angelus plans to use the baby to end the eternal struggle between them.

Gerard Irons (Present NYC)

Gerard Irons

He is Kenneth Irons' son and used ancient knowledge to take control of half of Witchblade. After defeating Sara Pezzini, he tried to take her half too, but the Witchblade didn't want to leave her. Gerard then tracked down his old enemy Sir Renaud de Gaudin and killed him with the Witchblade. She was again confronted by Pezzini, who threw him off the roof. On the ground, Danielle retrieved her part of the Balance.

Ivy Pezzini (Near Future, daughter of Sara)

Ivy Pezzini

In this future, Sara had left the NYPD and worked for the federal government. She became the leader of Level 42, which deals with hyper-natural research and recovery group. Sara continued to wield the Witchblade until she decides to pass it on. Sara has twin children named Sean and Ivy, Ivy inherited the Witchblade from Sara and she would be taught how to control it.

Selena Alice Lauren (2100 NYC)

Selena Alice Lauren

In a world where it has almost reached a true utopia. This world had no diseases, aging, or criminals. She was a former government operative who was an expert at tracking serial killers. Her work drove her insane and she would disappear for six months. She eventually resurfaced in amateur sex videos. She would later be arrested for giving narcotic therapy to men. Selina escaped from jail and vanished, rejecting the new world’s technological hypocrisy. However, a rare double homicide forced Detective John Chimu to call in an expert. Selena Lauren was that expert and she was already the bearer of the Witchblade and used it to help investigate the murders in exchange for immunity. She would also seduce Chimu and they would discover that the murder was caused by criminals that were used as test subjects for the aging drug. The sex and killing caused Chimu to go insane and killed the criminal and himself right afterwards. Selina would become a detective once again and used the Witchblade to aid her.

Debbie Santalesa (Future)

Debbie Santalesa

Debbie was Witchblade bearer before Akane Nakiko retrieved it. She was abused girl who took a job in an experiment. She was put in contact with the Witchblade, and it saw her fitting. Debbie escaped with the power of the artifact and lived on streets, before Akane found her and convinced her to fight the Witchblade, what then fell off of her arm.

Akane Nakiko (Future)

Akane Nakiko

Akane is a telepathic, empathetic cyborg police detective. She bonds with the Witchblade when she is on the run from the police accused of murder she did not commit. She uses Witchblade to catch the real criminal.

Persephani (Far Future, Post-Apocalypse Gourge Kingdom)


In a world that lies in ruins, only human beings are still living on Earth. Persephani was the daughter of Lord Gourge in the Gourge Kingdom. Ever since birth, Persephani had an aching pain in her right arm. One day, she decided to venture into the sewers, following the voices in her head. She would be tracked down by a bounty hunter named Tommi X-9. The two of them learned that Lord Gourge had set them both up and Persephani learns that the ache in her right arm was the gauntlet. She then embraced the power of the Witchblade and together with Tommi X-9, they destroyed the entire Gourge Kingdom.

Major Story Arcs

Powers and Abilities

Divine Powers

The WItchblade

Since the Witchblade is male, it requires a female host. The Witchblade is the only one who decides who is worthy of bonding with it. However, even if it has chosen the host, if the wielder becomes unworthy of the Witchblade, it will cut off their right arm. The Witchblade can revive the dead and also relive the previous experiences of its current wielder. While it is inactive, the Witchblade would look like a heavy jewel encrusted bracelet. It is worn on the right wrist. While active, it wraps itself around the host’s body while tearing up their clothing. It becomes a body armor and weapon at the same time. The amount of armor that comes out of the Witchblade to protect the host will always depend on the level of threat. For example, if the host is fighting a mere mortal, there will be less armor wrapped around the host. But if the host is fighting enemies at the level of demons, it will form more armor to protect its host. The Witchblade can form many different types of weapons. It can form swords, shields, and wings. The Witchblade can also shoot energy blasts and other projectiles. Also it has the ability to shoot a whip-like chain that enables the user to climb. It is one of the 13 artifacts.

Other Versions

Kimberly Tossovova (Alternate Reality)

Kimberly Tossovova

Kimberly began working at a New York brothel, in which she became one of the best. One of her clients fell for Kimberly and even stole the Witchblade from Kenneth Irons and gave it to her. She ended up killing Irons and continued to wield the Witchblade.

Witchblade Lost Generations Ao No Shoujo (Novel)

Yuri Miyazono

Written by Tokuma Shoten with art by Uno Makoto the novels main protagonist is a sickly 15-year-old Okinawan girl, Yuri Miyazono, who wields the Witchblade for her own survival.

Witchblade: Takeru (Manga)


The Witchblade: Takeru manga began being published in the Champion Red magazine by the Akita Shoten publishing company in March 2006. It is written by Kobayashi Yasuko and illustrated by by Sumita Kazasa. The series began publishing an English version by Bandai Entertainment in 2007. It is similar to the Witchblade anime in that it has no direct connection with the American Witchblade comic series, and also has no connection to the Witchblade anime. However, it is connected to the expanded Witchblade universe, and also seems to be set before the Witchblade anime.

The story follows a young girl named Takeru. She was raised by nuns at a Buddist temple. Takeru recently began having nightmares of a weird gauntlet that wraps around her, then she has to pull out a sword that was stabbing her stomach. Later that morning, a nun whom Takeru has grown to call "grandma" tells her to stop looking in the storage house, and she asks why. However Takeru does not get an answer to her question. Takeru then goes to school and meets up with her friend, Kou. Kou is a descendant of the famous "Demon Hunters" family. After school, Kou and Takeru go back to her home at the temple, where she discovers the place has been trashed. She then runs to the storage house and discovers grandma being held by the neck by a demon. The demon begins chocking Takeru as she reached towards the mysterious gauntlet. The gauntlet reacts and it begins wrapping itself around Takeru.

Possessed by the Witchblade, Takeru wants blood badly. Takeru pulls the same sword from her nightmares out of her stomach and kills all the demons. She then passes out in Kou's arms. It is later revealed that Takeru may have some kind of connection to the "Oni" (Oni are Japanese foklore creatures similar to demons and monsters). This may be the reason why she shows a strong attraction to the "Hand of Oni" (Witchblade). Takeru eventually awakens with the memories of what had just transpired. Meanwhile, Kou learns that he might have to kill Takeru because he is the descendant of the demon hunters. That same night, Takeru gets a call from a mysterious stranger. The Witchblade reacts and she runs after the man. She then confronts the man with his demon servants, then they begin to battle. However, once the mystery man changed into his demon form, Takeru was no match for him. Luckily for Takeru, Kou comes in to save her with the Demon Slayer sword. However, Kou is only human and his skills were still no match for the demon. In desperation, Takeru called for the Witchblade and now seems to be in control. Takeru then picks up the Demon Slayer sword and kills the demon quickly. The next day at school, Takeru and Kou talk to each other while eating lunch, and they talk about what could happen in the future because Takeru is possibly a demon herself. However, Kou confirms to Takeru that he would never kill her even if she was a demon.

Takeru and Kou are in the library trying to research about the demons when they are interrupted by the new Librarian Sakurai. She notices that they are researching about demons and runs off to find books for them. When she returns, she discovers that the two of them had already left. Takeru and Kou went to the hospital to visit one of the nuns that were injured. Inside the hospital, Takeru feels the urge of the Witchblade again, and eventually the Witchblade is activated. Takeru confronts a demon in the hallway of the hospital and battles him as Kou watches from the sidelines. The demon seemed to have the upperhand until Takeru pulled the katana from her stomach and slashed one of his arms off. Kou, who was held by webbing the demon released, was able to rip it off his face and threw his sword at the demon, giving Takeru time to kill him. Takeru began feeling the urge to feed on human blood, to which Kou allows Takeru to drink the blood from his ripped cheek. Quickly afterwards, Librarian Sakurai shows up with some soldiers and detains Kou and Takeru.

Takeru is then met by Eric Mason, the Deputy Secretary of the United States Department of Defense. He reveals to her about some past wielders of the Witchblade, and revealed that they had accidentally resurrected the demons. Mason then reveals that Takeru's father was one of the supervisisors in the resurrection of the demons, and that the demons killed him. He offers Takeru a chance to avenge her father and kill the demons. Takeru is given time to think it over, and she eventually freaks out and wants to take off the Witchblade so she doesn't turn into a demon. Sakurai assures her that there has never been a wielder who turned into a demon. They are interrupted by soliders who have discover demons at the Kikakushi village. Takeru hurries over there to protect the nuns and her grandma. She saves a girl from a demon on her way there, and eventually encounters another powerful demon.

Witchblade: Bearers of the Blade

Masane Amaha

Masane Amaha is not like the other wielders of the Witchblade she is kind person and a mother as well. She lost all her memory do to a catastrophic event that nearly destroyed Tokyo. Masane was found in the center of point of what could be ground zero. she was found holding a baby that she would be her daughter Rihoko. Six years later Masane would come back to Tokyo with Rihoko after being on the run from NSWF's Child Welfare Division.

Other Media


Yancy Butler (Sara Pezzini)

Witchblade TV Series

Yancy Butler played the NY police detective Sara Pezzini. She comes across the Witchblade, a mystical artifact that gives her enhanced strength, agility, the ability to deflect bullets with its armored glove, and the ability to gain full armor and a sword when needed. Various individuals such as mysterious millionaire Kenneth Irons try to gain the Witchblade from her, dropping hints and trying to manipulate her into serving them. Meanwhile, the Witchblade itself has a mind of its own and has its own plots and schemes.

Witchblade (Anime)

Masane Amaha

The Witchblade anime was co-produced by the Japanese company GONZO and the American comic book company, Top Cow. The anime was not an exact adaption of the Witchblade comic book. However, it is connected to the expanded universe of the Witchblade. The setting of the anime is set in the far future, long after Sara Pezzini was the wielder of the Witchblade. The story follows a Japanese woman named Masane Amaha. She was discovered inside ground zero (A phenomenal disaster) unharmed. Masane unknowingly, had the Witchlade on her wrist after this incident. She was also holding a baby in her arms and had lost all her memory. Six years later, Masane and the baby (Rihoko) returned to Tokyo. They would walk around Tokyo sight seeing for awhile, Masane told Rihoko that if she got lost they would meet each other under the Tokyo Tower.However, when they are having lunch they are confronted by NSWF's Child Welfare Division. The Child Welfare wanted to take Rihoko away from Masane because she was not really her mother, and also because she had no job to support her. Masane would try to take her child back but would end up getting arrested and sent to jail.

She would then be attacked in jail by a mysterious monster. Luckily for Masane, the Witchblade activated as a reaction to her danger. Masane easily disposed of that monster and escaped from jail right afterwards. However, using the Witchblade used up all her stamina and she collapsed in an ally. Masane would be taken in by a man working for the Douji Group Industries. When Masane awakens, she is met by Hiroki Segawa, the same man who took her in after she passed out. Hiroki takes Masane to his boss, Reiji Takayama. He tells Masane about the Witchblade and its powers, and tells her that it belonged to them. Meaning, since she cannot just take it off, she has to work for them now. Masane continued to decline until Reiji offered her a nice life with her daughter. Masane then agreed, and Reiji briefs her in about hunting the "Ex-Cons." Ex-Cons are monsters that feed on people, and it was the same thing that attacked Masane at the jail. The Witchblade acts differently with Masane when compared to the original American wielders; when activated the Witchblade gives Masane not only a different hair color and style but also an ecstasy-like rush that heightens when she fights.