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This page is for the current heir to the title of Ravager, the fourth one, Rose Wilson

  • For Rose's eldest brother, the first Ravager, see Grant Wilson
  • For the second Ravager, William Walsh Deathstroke's rival who took the affectionate title to play with Slade, see Jackal.
  • For the third Ravager, Deathstroke's half-brother, see Wade deFarge.


A few years after his divorce from Adeline Kane, Slade Wilson - the mercenary known as Deathstroke, The Terminator - took a search-and-rescue mission under contract. Slade met Lillian " Sweet-Lilli" Worth, an Oriental clan princess whose life fell in ruins after her kingdom was destroyed by a war in the Far East. It was Slade's mission to bring Lilli from war-torn Cambodia to Thailand, where she would have relative freedom.

The mission was successful; During the journey, Slade and Lillian became lovers as well. Slade and Lillian remained in contact, embarking an an on/off love affair whenever their paths crossed. During one of their trysts, Slade impregnated Lillian, who later gave birth to Rose Worth. Lillian kept Rose a secret from Slade, rationalizing it was in the child's best interest to do so. Lillian eventually settled outside New York City, where she established a brothel and lived in luxury. Despite the environment, Rose was raised with other children her age and was schooled by private tutors. She not only received a happy childhood, but was also taught how to defend herself.


Rose Wilson was created by Marv Wolfman and Art Nichols.

Character Evolution

Modern Age: New Earth

Ravager IV (New Earth)

When Slade was injured and on the lam from the law, Lillian took him in and nursed his wounds. It was at this time that Wintergreen met 14-year-old Rose Worth and suspected Slade was her father. A new man assuming the identity of the Ravager (who was later revealed to be Slade's half-brother, Wade DeFarge) was hunting down Slade's friends and loved ones, killing his informant Maurice, and his tech supplier, Squirrel. Ravager abducted Rose Worth when he discovered her connection to Slade. As Ravager tortured Rose, he also revealed to her that Slade Wilson was her father. Meanwhile, Wintergreen and Lillian launched a rescue attempt. Eventually, Lillian and Wintergreen reached their quarry in the snow-covered wilderness in the Adirondack Mountains.

To save her daughter, Lillian attempted to run over Ravager in a Jeep – but her Jeep careened off a cliff and exploded. Lilian was presumed dead, but her body was never recovered. Wintergreen and Rose were able to elude Ravager and escaped. Slade thought it would be best if Rose had nothing to do with him, since he felt he brought about the death of both his sons. Fearing he would not be a good father, he left Rose primarily in the care of Wintergreen, who was prepared to adopt the girl. Slade, however, had already made arrangements with Sarge Steel to place her in protective custody with the Titans. Sarge Steel - who oversaw the group during this stage - saw potential in the young girl, although he also found her to be prone to violence and a bit unstable.

Post-Flashpoint: Earth-0

Ravager (Earth-0)

In the DCnU, Rose works for an organization called N.O.W.H.E.R.E that monitors metahuman teens around the globe. She is assigned the task of handler to N.O.W.H.E.R.E's biggest asset, Superboy, and entrusted with the responsibility of bringing him down if he ever goes out of control. She has both eyes in this version, and although she has white hair, the title "Ravager" and the surname "Wilson", it is still unconfirmed whether she has any relation to Deathstroke, who was her father before the events of Flashpoint.

Major Story Arcs

Modern Age: New Earth

Joining the Titans and Being a Nanny

Rose as Lian Harper's nanny

During her brief time on the team, Rose befriended some of the younger members of the team. During a training exercise with Damage, Rose was injured and almost fell into a coma. As Damage brought her to the hospital, her meta-gene powers kicked in. Rose had an extensive precognitive vision where she saw her father's future. She appeared as an astral form, witnessing her Deathstroke's future unfold – a future where he was caught in a never-ending drudge match with Hawkman. During this jaunt, Rose was able to project her astral form and inhabit the body of someone in the future, similar to her brother Jericho's ability. Before Rose could explore these abilities further, she recovered at the hospital – thus ending her dream vision.

Still reeling over the death of her mother, Rose became sullen and somewhat reckless. Fellow Titan Donna Troy tried to reach out to her, but Rose rejected her. Fellow Titan Impulse developed a crush on Rose but she was oblivious to his affections. Rose was not a Titan for very long; She eventually left the team to embark on her own. It is believed she stayed with her mother's friend.

Rose later aided the Titans again during the Technis Imperative conflict, which involved the Justice League as well as all Titans, past and present. The two teams eventually worked together to save the earth and former Titans teammate, Cyborg. During that incident she vocally challenges New God Big Barda, as the Titans and Justice League had come to blows. Barda seems more amused than concerned over Rose and their potential fight is neutralized by other forces. When the Titans later threw a surprise party for Donna Troy, Rose was seen attending the party. Roy Harper offered Rose a job as nanny to his daughter Lian. She accepted and served as Lian's nanny for a time.

Ravager: the Teen Titans' new Threat

Rose under her father's control

The Madison family adopted Rose and she enjoys a short period of a normal life until Wade DeFarge kills off the Madisons and attempts to collect a bounty on Rose. The Teen Titans arrived to stop him and protect Rose, until everyone was gassed by Deathstroke. Rose wakes to find her self in Deathstroke's lair where he offers to train her. She accepts to find her first task is to kill Wade. She does without mercy and takes his name, Ravager. Little does she know that Slade has drugged her with the same serum that gives him his powers. Also unknown to Rose is that her father had hired Wade DeFrage to kill her adoptive family in an attempt to draw her closer.

After a mission against the Church of Brother Blood, the Teen Titans, and Jericho, Deathstroke doubts Rose's readiness to work with him and plans to disown her when she hesitated and unable to kill her half-brother (when he was possessed in Beast Boy's body). To prove her loyalty, she gouges out her left eye to match her father's.

Nightwing Trains Rose

She later appears in a fight against Batgirl, only to suffer defeat. When she recovered, Deathstroke places her under the tutelage of Nightwing, who leads Slade to believe that he has given up being a hero. Nightwing agrees to train Rose, while surreptitiously teaching her the values of heroism. Although Rose develops a crush on Nightwing in the training progress, the attraction seemed entirely one-sided. In order to test Grayson's loyalty, Deathstroke replaces Rose's missing eye with one carved from Kryptonite and pits her and Nightwing against Superman. Rose attempts to kill Superman, but Nightwing uses Superman's concern for safety of not only the bystanders, but Rose herself as her final lesson on altruism. Nightwing then agrees with Deathstroke to stay away from Rose on the condition that Bludhaven remained off-limits to the latest incarnation of the Secret Society, of which Slade is a charter member.

Following the bombing of Bludhaven on Deathstroke's orders in Infinite Crisis, Nightwing returns and informs Rose that the Kryptonite her father implanted in her eye-socket is not just a danger to Kryptonians, but it is also carcinogenic and lethal to humans under extended periods of prolonged exposure. Enraged and heartbroken that her father would endanger her life so dismissively, and emboldened by Nightwing's tutelage, Rose breaks all ties with her father and runs away.

Free From Deathstroke's Influence

Ravager as a member of the Teen Titans

Since that time, Rose has broken free of her father's control with some help from her mentor. After the serum ran its course, Rose returned to sanity and was granted membership in the Teen Titans at the request of Nightwing. Once a dangerous and unstable adversary, it may be some time before all her teammates fully trust her. While Rose initially clashed with Wonder Girl, she also found a trusted friend in new member, Kid Devil.

Afraid to lose her spot on the Teen Titans with other members coming back she took her clothes off and tried to seduce Tim Drake. He quickly overthrew her and tied her to the bed. Kid Devil walks in and yells, "Hot Damn". After Raven successfully brought back Jericho by using one of Brother Blood's resurrection rituals, he was cleansed of any evil influence. At this time, Jericho rejoined the Teen Titan and met his sister, Rose, for the first time.

Later, Rose and Joseph fly to New York City to have lunch with Nightwing, after which they go to the original Titans Island and discover that someone has built a demented version of the original tower there. Upon entering, they find that their father has kidnapped their teammates, all in order to gain control of them again. Rose and Joey rescue Robin from Slade and Batgirl, during of which Rose finally got her rematch with Cassandra Cain. Rose and Joey both attempt to stop their father, but they are defeated and left at his mercy until Nightwing, Donna Troy, Duela Dent, Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Bart Allen arrived.

Following the death of her former teammate, Bart Allen, Rose attends his funeral alongside with the rest of the Teen Titans. At the present of Bart's wake, she slips off after a while, bored with the somber, reminiscent atmosphere, and invites Kid Devil to join her in skinny-dipping in the Titans' swimming pool.

The Titans Tomorrow, a possible future of the current Titans team, arrive in the present to aid the Teen Titans against Starro-controlled villains. Ravager's future-self is absent from the group and it was revealed that she betrays the team (primarily Bart Allen and Kid Devil) at some point. Red Devil, the adult version of Kid Devil, and Rose are then sent to battle against Rampage and Livewire. Red Devil tries to convince Eddie to let her go during the fight, so that she does not manage to betray them in the future. Initially it appears that Eddie appears that Eddie intends to do so, before betraying this older self in order to aid Rose. Later, the trio return to the Titan's Lair (the home of the original Teen Titans), where they meet Blue Beetle. There, Red Devil attacks him claiming that he too can not be trusted.

Eddie, Rose, and Jaime find themselves surrounded by an army of Titans led by Lex Luthor, before they all battle against an invading army of Starros. Thanks in large part of Blue Beetle's powers, and Robin and Wonder Girl managing to supposedly alter Robin's future (and thus alter the future of the Titans as a whole), the army of Titans were apparently defeated. Ravager has aided Robin and Zachary Zatara to defeat a gang of metahumans assembled by Robin's wanna-be nemesis, Dodge. Her role was to infiltrate Dodge's gang in Gotham City as a newly hired assassin named Skill.

She also teams up with Cassandra Cain (Batgirl) and Marque, who were searching for David Cain and Deathstroke. She put her issues aside when they tracked down a training compound of a female army (Cass's 'sisters') created by Cain and Deathstroke to 'cripple the meta-hero community'. They manage to fight them all, until Deathstroke decided to blow up the building. Ravager, Batgirl, and Marque survived, but his army did not. After that, Ravager leaves and continues the search for her father.

Terror Titans

Terror Titans

Rose got to show where her loyalties stood when the Titans Tower got breached by the Terror Titans. The villainous team was sent by their leader The Clock King to retrieve the Titans but Ravager would not go down with out a fight. Showing a great display of heart and fighting ability Ravager was able to hold them long enough for Wendy Harris and Marvin White to escape Titans Tower before it blew up. It was believed that Ravager was dead when the rest of the Titans arrived back at the tower but Robin was able to figure out a way that she could have escaped. Still unsure the Titans went to meet the Clock King and was shown that Ravager, with a destroyed costume was following behind them in the shadows proving that she still lived. Clock King, while they were fighting, offered her a spot on his team but she abruptly declined his offer.

After taking down the first headquarters of the Terror Titans, Rose and the Teen Titans returned to Titans Tower to do repairs. While there, Rose overheard Cassandra and Tim talking about how they thought Rose was out of control (for the most part). Rose took this offensively and left the Teen Titans to join up with the Terror Titans much to the disdain of the other Terror Titans. She also has entered herself in the Dark Side Tournament though refuses to kill anyone, suggesting that she isn't all as bad as everyone wants to think. Thus far, she has proved to be one of the toughest combatants in the Dark Side Tournament and in the Terror Titans. However, upon fighting Static Shock, Rose failed in her attempt to stay in the Dark Side Tournament and was forced to resign (due to a bet with Clock King). As far as Rose becoming a full time villain or not, it is still unclear. Only time would tell if she would choose to continue to walk down that road or not.

Rose then discovered that Clock King's intentions with the metahumans captured in the Dark Side Tournament were much worse than he originally let on. In her anger, she tried to attack him but was sent away in one of his time thingies. Near the end of the issue, the Terror Titans attacked Rose when they heard of her intentions to kill Clock King. Rose bested the Terror Titans and was about to kill Disruptor when she was stopped by Star-Spangled Kid. As it turned out, Star-Spangled Kid was Miss Martian in disguise. Miss Martian freed the captured heroes from Clock King's mind control and the heroes went to attack the Terror Titans, leaving Rose. Rose had a brief conversation with Miss Martian before running off again. Miss Martian declared that Rose was too complicated to be pegged as good or evil.

Rose would then go back to Clock King's lair, freeing Static Shock before confronting Clock King for one last battle. Although she nearly bested him, he managed to teleport away at the last minute, calling Rose "exquisite". Rose's whereabouts at this time are unknown.


In the course of Deathtrap, Rose had returned to the Titans to help solve the problem concerning her brother, Jericho, who had since turned evil and was on a killing rampage. Rose inhaled a large amount of the inhalers she'd received from Clock King to help heighten her precognitive abilities only to find that they pretty much made her high and hard to get around. She finds out that her brother is targeted for assassination by the new Vigilante. When She meets Vigilante, she makes a deal with him for not killing her brother. When Jericho was captured, Vigilante gouges his eyes out and leaves Rose enraged.

Post Deathtrap

After the events in Deathtrap, Rose returned to Titans Tower in San Fransisco with the rest of the gang. This was really controversial with the members of the Titans being that Rose is such a loose cannon. Eddie really wanted her to stick around but Rose continued to feel as if she wasn't wanted. She wasn't entirely sure what she wanted, either. She went through her three options: Track down Deathstroke, take care of her blind brother, or stick with the Titans. She and Wonder Girl had their usual conflicts however the main conflict at the time was when Rose and Bombshell went alone to do a prison transfer. Rose provoked Bombshell into attacking in order to test her to see if she was truly reformed and wanting to be a part of the team or just a traitor again. Seeing that Bombshell was reformed, Rose was about to take her sword out of her face only to have Wonder Girl fly in and freak out, as usual, assuming that Rose was going to kill Bombshell. It was later that Wonder Girl was corrected by Bombshell but Wonder Girl stood by her decision that Rose was still acting selfishly. In the end, Rose and Eddie stood on top of Titans Tower, discussing what would happen next. Rose asked Eddie to come with her explaining that they didn't belong there. Although it was clear he really wanted to go with her, he denied. Rose hopped on her motorcycle and drove off hoping to find her own place in the world stating..."I can spike on adrenaline inhalers and watch the future unfold yet I still can't see my own place in the world. The answer's out there somewhere, here's hoping I find it."



In Teen Titans 72, Rose appears in the back of the book in her own nine part Co-Feature. She's far away from San Fransisco at this point, having traveled somewhere cold--supposedly north. The co-feature starts out showing her breaking into a drug store to steal Epinephrine (or the adrenaline inhalers seen in Terror Titans). Wonder Girl pops up only it's not REALLY Wonder Girl, it's a hallucination Rose is having of her supposedly representing her conscious. Rose figures this out and after talking to...well herself...she goes on her merry way. She later wakes up having crashed her motorcycle in the snow somewhere and goes to a bar for refuge (food, water, etc). Once there, some of the locals (including a man named Archer) don't take kindly to her and smack her in the back of her head telling her to leave. Needless to say, she gets angry and defeats everyone in the bar. Before she can celebrate, she coughs up blood and passes out on the floor.

She later wakes up in the basement of the bar which apparently doubles as a doctor's office. She is informed by Doc Barden that her addiction to epinephrine has seriously messed with most of her vital organs causing things such as her heart to stop pumping fluid out of her lungs. He also tells her that if she continues to do this drug her organs will begin to fail and she will die. It is later that Rose is introduced to a wealthy English business man of the town named Will Roades who pleads with her to stay in a cabin that he had prepared for her. The people now know that she is Ravager having gone through her bags while she was unconscious before. Rose reluctantly agrees and goes to the cabin to sleep. Meanwhile, Will calls some men on the phone (men dressed in assassin garb) and tells them to "kill her now."


After a fight, Rose narrowly escapes by plunging into the icy cold water. The assassins soon are under the impression that she has died. Rose then begins to give up until she sees a vision of Megan (Miss Martian) urging her that she is stronger than this. Rose swims up and out of the water and begins her process of survival. Once seemingly back into shape, Rose goes to see why she was attacked and discovers that this town is actually a big black market of women slavery.

The men promise women better lives only to sell them into prostitution and/or slavery. This process angers Rose, and she becomes determined to save the women currently there. She almost succeeds until the women realize that two girls are missing from the place in which they were kept. Rose goes out to find them only to come face to face with all of Will's thugs holding guns. Knowing she's outmatched, Rose isn't entirely sure what to do. And then Will begins to attack her, sadly her precognitive skills do not kick in and it is revealed that Rose was poisoned by Will and his goons when she was supposedly "at the doctor" there.

Weeks later, Rose is held prisoner by Will. She was strapped to a table and being 'conditioned' by Doc Barden, who apologizes for his actions, Will tells Rose that he's impressed with her after escaping death by his men, trapped in frozen water for 'God knows how long', and surviving a good thrashing from himself. He reveals that he does not want to kill her but make her his own personal bodyguard. After hearing that, Rose spits on his faces, and he leaves the room. Barden also leaves, again apologizing for involvement. As both men were gone, Rose, still strapped to the table, blackouts until she has a glimpse of her father. All of a sudden, she builds up all the strength to break free from the straps. Then appearing weak, Rose crawls across the floor to the table where there is a needle and a bottle of adrenaline as she injects herself in order to save the helpless girls. Grabbing her motorcycle, Rose revs-up to catch a truck containing new prisoners, and manages to leap from the back to the front of the truck as she smashes the driver's window. The truck stops, the driver (Archer) crashes out, and the prisoners take control of the guards. Disappointed that Will wasn't in the truck, Rose asks Archer where he's hiding, but he does not tell her. After explaining her encounters since 'yesterday', Archer informs her that she was imprisoned for weeks. Angelport has been abandoned within weeks, except for her and Barden, and Will is gone. The driver then said that she'll never find him as he passes out and/or dies...leaving Rose without anything.

Ravager gets angry

Days later, Rose manages to trace Will in Arkhangelsk, Russia, where he's making a trade deal with an old friend. As she stands outside door and listening to their conversation, she simply plans to kick the door open and attack until she has an illusion of Robin (Tim Drake) giving her advice about her current actions. After a gun was fired, she goes ahead with her plan and Will orders everyone, especially his friend's men, to kill her. She manages to dodge every bullet coming at her and injures her attackers. As she gets closer to Will, he get's two of his slaves as hostages...one of which is held at gunpoint. Calling Will a coward for foul play in, he shoots one in the head. Rose rushes for the girl's aid until she is grazed in the face by a bullet from one of the attackers. Feeling enraged for not saving the innocent girl, she wounds all of the men, except for Will. She feels that what happened to the girl wasn't her fault but that of Will and his men. After the slashing, she picks up the girl and takes her outside to find medical attention.

Once at a hospital, the girl is put into the operating room as Rose worries for her condition. While waiting, Rose thinks about stealing some prescription drugs until a nurse walks in. A police officer arrives and asks her if she was called Rose and her hair was white. When she replied, the officer told her that Will Roades left a message for her (with a white rose) saying he wants to have a final showdown with her at a given location, and threatens to kill the remaining girls if she did not accept the challenge. When she arrives at the location, Will regales her of how she came into his operation since the beginning and thinks that the only reason she killed his men was through personal effrontery when he shot the girl. When questioned if it was true or not, Will has his men armed and prepared to shoot the girls if she lost. When Rose accepts the match, Will shoots her in the right shoulder and than points the gun to her head. At close range she disarms him, grabs the gun and shoots one of the armed guards. While she was trying to shoot the others, Will stabs her in the shoulder again and orders his men to kill the girls.

Thinking that she has lost the battle as Will prepares to kill her, Rose sees one of the girls with a gun as the guards are dead. She dodges the final blow from Will and is now determine to win as she beats the living daylights out of him. When the fight finishes, Rose ties Will up taking him as her prisoner and frees the girls from slavery. When Rose was thinking about how she overcame her situation by questioning herself on the Teen Titans, her last hallucination was Kid Devil as he talked about how she able to win and how he misses the chance to be with her. Before Rose left for San Francisco, she checked in the hospital to see if the girl pulled through. Unfortunately, she died. From that moment Rose broke into the prescription drug room and stole some drugs. At the docks, Rose tells Will that she has finally figured out that she now wants to be in

charge her own decisions based on her own moral code. She picks Will up by his feet and dunks his head into the water, drowning him to death. After that she takes a dose of the stolen drugs and leaves.

Blackest Night

Blackest Night

After the Co-Feature adventure, Ravager returns as she found Deathstroke. She attacks him in his home and for a little bit, she is being beaten by him while he is trying to tell her about the Black Lantern Corps. She doesn't believe him until the original Ravager, Grant Wilson, appears with the Black Lantern ring on. Grant attacks Deathstroke and attempts to put his head in the fireplace until Rose cuts him in half. They then team up to take down Deathstroke's dead family and acquaintances (Wintergreen, Wade, and Adeline ) unsuccessfully. She then burns one of them and throws another in the flames she made from a busted gas pipe. The thrown in one screams and when she says, "So, they can feel pain huh." He replies by saying "Of course I can. After all we are related", and walks out revealing himself to really be Jericho. His eyes had grown back since Vigilante's attack, and he uses his powers to make the Black Lanterns destroy themselves. After the battle, Rose refuses to reconcile with her father, despite acknowledging her daughterly love for him. She also realizes that her mother may still be alive, as she was not among the attacking Black Lanterns.

Return to the Teen Titans

Rose is back on the team

Following an adventure into Wyld's dimension, Static & Miss Martian leave the Titans while Bombshell and Aquagirl are lost undersea. Rose returns to the Teen Titans at Wonder Girl's request. Once back at the Tower, Rose begins a personal search for her mother, Lillian Worth. Once the new Robin arrives on the team, Rose and Damian clash as their personalities are very similar. However, their relationship begins to change as Rose feels close with Robin as he is also attempting to atone for his parent's sins.

After Damien left the team, Rose begins flirting with Superboy. She remains withe the team up until the final battle with Superboy-Prime and his Legion of Doom. During her fight with Persuader of the Terror Titans, Rose teams up with Speedy to take her down. She and Damien, who also returns, helps turn the tides of the battle of evil Superboy clones by using a piece of Kryptonite to destroy them.

Post-Flashpoint: Earth-0 (DC's New 52)


At some point in her career, Rose is hired by N.O.W.H.E.R.E. to keep an eye on Superboy, to keep him alive in the field or kill him, should he become uncontrollable. During this time, it is shown that Rose has a very close friendship with a N.O.W.H.E.R.E. scientist, Caitlin Fairchild, expressing her concern over the latter working herself so much. There is some subtext in their conversations, possibly indicating that they may be more than friends, but this is not yet clarified. When Superboy inadvertently causes Caitlin to reveal her metahuman powers, N.O.W.H.E.R.E. intervenes and takes her away. Because of this, Rose comes to resent Superboy for being the reason that she lost Caitlin.

Rose vs. Superboy

When Superboy later breaks into the N.O.W.H.E.R.E facility, demanding answers as to what they have planned for him, Rose is deployed to bring him in. She manages to do this with the use of a careful strategy and a kryptonite gun, which, though failing to incapacitate him, gets him to drop his Telekinetic Field, allowing her to throw a sword into his chest. Afterwards, when she is walking down the hallway in preparation to leave the facility, she is ambushed and knocked out by Wonder Girl.

A short time later, after the Teen Titans' infiltration of N.O.W.H.E.R.E is unsuccessful and most of the members are captured, Rose is seen in charge of overseeing the facility's cleanup. During this time, she is struck by an energy blast from Leash. This causes her to go into a brief, wild frenzy before being hit by a countering blast from Solstice (the only member of the Teen Titans still loose), which returns her to normal.

Solstice reveals that Leash's blast is designed to bring out the very worst in people, and that Rose used to be much worse than she is now. Solstice goes on to say that she was there with Harvest when they first found her, and that Rose was "a killer among killers." Harvest then "changed" Rose to make her more controllable, resulting in some apparent memory loss. Solstice urges Rose to hang on to the woman she has become, not to give in to her darker nature, and says it's her choice. Though Rose seems to take Solstice's words to heart, she questions whether it really is her choice. She is then seen taking in an unconscious Solstice and delivering the Teen Titan to Harvest, as N.O.W.H.E.R.E.'s plans progress

Rose is then deployed as part of the team sent to take in the members of Legion Lost, her target being Timber Wolf. She fights him to a standstill in a relatively even, though brief, battle, before being ordered to activate her psi-shield. This protects her against Psykill's Psi-Blast, which knocks all those within a three city block diameter unconscious. With all the Legionnaires currently incapacitated, Rose returns with her team to N.O.W.H.E.R.E.

The Culling

Former friends clash

During "The Culling" crossover, Rose is sent in by Harvest, along with his other Ravagers, to kill the rebellious Teen Titans, members of Legion Lost, and other teens who banded together to end the normally deadly event without casualties. However, the Ravagers are vastly outnumbered, and because of this they are all eventually defeated. It is later revealed that Harvest knew this would happen, though, arriving at the Crucible at the end of battle to send his defeated Ravagers back to the surface.

Rose is next seen confronting a returning Caitlin Fairchild, who had come back in order to help free the captive children. Though formerly friends, Rose now holds ill feelings towards Caitlin, after receiving the information left behind for her about Culling Day. Though Caitlin meant for this information to allow Rose to know the truth and free herself from N.O.W.H.E.R.E.'s control, Rose instead feels betrayed and lied to, now realizing that Cailtin had always intended to bring down N.O.W.H.E.R.E. from the inside, apparently still loyal to the organization (though this may be because of Harvest's brainwashing). The two come to blows, with Rose gaining the upper hand. However, she is then struck from behind and knocked unconscious by fellow Ravager Ridge, who has instead decided to join with the other escaping teens.

At the end of The Culling, Rose is seen alongside Warblade trying to locate Fairchild. She quickly determines that her former friend would have stayed behind to take the last escape pod and tracks its coordinates. Warblade, meanwhile, goes to put together a team so they can track down Fairchild and the other escaped children.

The Ravagers

Rose and Warblade attack!

Rose and Warblade arrive in pursuit of the escaped teen prisoners. They first intercept a flying Windshear and Bright-Eyes, with Rose taking down the former and Warblade the latter. They then manage to intercept the main team, led by Caitlin. When several of the teens try to surrender, thinking that they're to be taken captive again, Rose and Warblade instead kill them, then move to attack Caitlin, Thunder, Lightning, and Ridge. Thunder uses his power to blast them backwards, however, then cracks the ice beneath them to escape, sending the team plummeting into the icy waters below.

Rose later returns to Harvest's new base, where she and Warblade report that they have captured Windshear and Bright-Eyes, both of whom are apparently still alive. There, she learns that Harvest has sent Shadow Walker after Caitlin and the other escaped children.

Some time later, Windshear and Bright-Eyes are turned into full fledged Ravagers and once again under Harvest's control, then sent out on a rookie mission to abduct another potential Ravager. After they are confronted and defeated by Fairchild and her team, Rose and Warblade appear, having been overseeing the assignment. Even though outnumbered, Rose and Warblade prove to be a challenge for the group, and when Rose temporarily incapacitates Caitlin, Lisa (the girl they were sent for), shows Fairchild a possible future where Rose and Warblade win. In this future, Rose kills Superboy and they take the others captive and turn them into the Ravagers they were meant to be.

Back in reality, however, Terra goes berserk and almost loses control of her powers and her mind, causing the ground to explode and knocking out both Rose and Warblade. However, when she tries to kill Warblade, he regenerates and takes Rose with him, fleeing.

Some time later, Rose and Warblade arrive at a small town to contain another one of N.O.W.H.E.R.E.'s escaped subjects. However, the subject overloads on his power and implodes, causing the entire town to become infected with non-baryonic radiation, which will cause them the same fate. While Warblade contemplates just killing them all to ensure that the situation remains contained, reminding that, as metahumans, he and Rose are immune, Rose resolves to solve the problem without killing, going out of her way to help the town. However, Rose soon finds out, to her shock, that she is somehow infected, and will implode soon without some kind of solution. Shortly after this revelation, Caitlin Fairchild and her team arrives to stop Rose and Warblade.

After a brief bout of arguing between themselves and with the town's sheriff, Caitlin stops her team from attacking Rose and Warblade and decide to help the town before it destroys itself. Caitlins stays with Rose and the sheriff and brings her to the pharmacy to numb her pain with Morphine, while Warblade works out how to stop the radiation from killing the town. In order to do this, however, the sheriff sacrifices himself by taking in all of the radiation. Warblade doesn't understand how anyone could do such a thing, but Rose says there was once someone she would have given her life for (Caitlin), but was betrayed by her. Finally, Rose orders Warblade to leave, saying that if Harvest ever finds out what happened at this town, they're dead. Meanwhile, Harvest is watching them from afar.

As they go to be extracted back to N.O.W.H.E.R.E., the troopers sent to get them suddenly attack, trying to kill them. Rose realizes that it is because Harvest already knows about their failure and has given the order to dispose of them. After miraculously defeating the troopers and a huge swarm of butcher bots, she and Warblade come to the conclusion that the only way to survive is to get back into Harvest's good graces, by delivering him Caitlin and the others.

Rose and Warblade break into Caitlin's hideout and attempt to kidnap her and the others, to bring them back to Harvest. However, things go awry when Deathstroke, Rose's father, arrives at the same time to kill them, having been hired by Harvest himself. Things are further complicated when the facility's security protocol, a mutated monster known as The Animal-Vegetable-Mineral-Man attacks as well. While Warblade fights with Deathstroke, Rose and the others attack and destroy this new threat.

Rose reveals Caitlin's secret

Shortly after, Warblade is killed by Deathstroke. Rose brings Caitlin further into the facility, apparently knowing its layout and its secrets, having some kind of history with it and knowing about the operations of its owner, Niles Caulder. She claims that Niles kept something there that can help them stop Deathstroke. In spite of their differences, they manage to coexist long enough for Rose to reveal to Caitlin that she is a clone created by Niles, and that there are many more clones of her in tanks around the lab of the facility, and that she is not even the original Caitlin.

Stopping Majestic

Though yet to be revealed how the events of The Ravagers ended, Rose and Terra end up going with Deathstroke to help put a stop to the Majestic threat created by Team 7. John Lynch refers to them as the keys to making that happen, though Deathstroke is unconvinced. It is revealed, though, that the whole reason he took the contract from Harvest to kill The Ravagers was to get his daughter back, and the plan was set in motion by Lynch himself.

Things are complicated when Lynch reveals the other part of his plan to stop Majestic, however, the rest of Slade's family: Adeline Kane, his wife and Rose's mom, as well as Grant and Joseph Wilson, his sons and Rose's brother. They soon learn that Joseph, now calling himself Jericho, is controlling both Grant and Adeline, and plans to control Majestic in order to attain god-like power and get revenge on his father. Though Rose manages to catch Joseph unaware at sword-point, she can't bring herself to kill her brother, forcing John Lynch to take a shot at him. Majestic intervenes, however, catching the bullet and now under the control of Jericho.

Powers & Abilities


Rose's powers include limited precognitive abilities which may blossom into much more. She is sometimes able to use her precognitive abilities to 'see' her opponent's next moves, although her visions come and go, mainly it appears to manifest when her adrenaline is running. In one instance, she was able to have an extensive precognitive vision where she saw her father's (Deathstroke's) future. During this jaunt, Rose was able to project her astral form and inhabit the body of someone in the future (similar to her brother Jericho's ability).

In Terror Titans #1, Rose had been given an inhaler by Clock King to trigger her precognitive abilities. Therefore, she can use them pretty much at will. In Terror Titans #2, Rose suggested to Clock King that she could see as far as weeks into the future possibly implying that soon her precognitive skills will develop into even more. Though at the end of her backup feature, Rose seems to have abandoned the inhalers.

Unarmed Combat

Rose is a skilled martial arts expert, having trained under her mother from a young age and Deathstroke later on, with enhanced agility, speed, strength and endurance thanks to the same serum Deathstroke was given, however Rose's mind was also affected by the serum, making her more easy to manage. The combination of precog and superhuman body leaves Rose a force to be reckoned with as she has proven a worthy challenge to people such as Cassandra Cain. Also Rose herself considered herself skilled enough to challenge the New God Big Barda, though the fight did not resolve.

Weapon Master

She is also very skilled in the use of a bo staff and dual wielding swords, though it seems to matter little what weapon you give her as chances seem to be that she can use it.

Other Versions

Teen Titans Go

Ravager makes her appearance in Teen Titans Go #49. She goes on a rampage and is determined to inherit her father's rightful legacy. In the end she joins the Titans when they offer her family. Although her mask covers one eye, she retains both eyes.

Tiny Titans

Ravager appears in Tiny Titans, but is simply called Rose.


In Flashpoint: Deathstroke & the Cruse of the Ravager, it is revealed that she held captive as her father sails the seas as a pirate to find her.

Other Media


Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths

Animated Rose Wilson (red haired) JL: Crisis on 2 Earths

In the alternate reality that the Justice League visits, Rose is the daughter of US President Slade Wilson and is a brave but outspoken woman who public speaks out against the Crime Syndicate and condemns her father's policies of bowing to their oppression. She often calls her father a coward and this determination and anger stems from her mother being killed personally by Ultraman, who later orders Rose to be assassinated and she only survives due to the intervention of Martian Manhunter. As J'onn remains by her side to protect her from further attacks, they quickly learn that they have a deep empathic connection to each other and fall in love. Once the Crime Syndicate has been defeated, Rose asks J'onn to stay with her in her reality and despite encouragement from Wonder Woman, J'onn reluctantly tells her that he cannot abandon his own Earth after losing Mars and Rose gives him a goodbye kiss.

Diana tells J'onn that maybe he'll find Rose's counterpart in their own universe but he remarks, "With my luck, she'll probably be evil..."