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Issue - Secret of the Sinister Sorcerers! EDIT  
January 01, 1961December 1960
          It starts off at a magic show where Green Lantern is attending. A magician performs a trick where he summons a human being, and decides to also tell everyone how it happened but when he tells them the woman appears out of a trap door, he learns that it was locked and is confused as to what happened and suspects it may have actually been magic. At the same time, everywhere on Earth, people find that man-made inventions are not working for a mysterious reason. Soon,

After the world's machines stop functioning, the Justice League of America decide to come together to find out what's happening.            MeanwhileIn another dimension, the wizard Merlin , in another dimension, finds his spell to summon rain doesn't workno longer works. Suddenly, he is attacked by Simon Magnus Magus, the evil magician, Saturna the lord of misrule, and the troll king. When Merlin tries to send them away, his spell doesn't work. The three villains reveal that four weeks ago, they opened a golden gate in the sky and discovered a world governed by science, and not magic like their world was. With a magic spell, they reversed the who reveals that he has reversed the natural order in two worlds so that Earth was now the Magic Land and the Magic Land and the Magic Land was now Earth. The roles of Magic and science switched as well, which is why Merlin's spells did not work - their world is now governed by science and Earth is now governed by magic.

On Earth, the Justice League realizes this and uses magic spells to summon Merlin to their dimension. Merlin then explains everything to them, and the League then splits up to find the three villains and bring back a parchment each of them have that will contain the spell to reverse what has happened.          Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter go after Saturna but first have to deal with a manticore and griffin guarding his domain. Green Lantern battles the manticore, but his ring is useless due to its golden yellow fur. Martian Manhunter goes fights the griffin but a column of flame appears and weakens him. Green Lantern uses his ring to launch himself and the manticore with him into a wall with such force that the manticore is knocked out while he was cushioned by its body. Manhunter takes dirt and throws it into the griffin's eye making it fly away from the column of fire so he gets his strength back and hurls the griffin off into the distance. The two Justice League members then proceed to take care of Saturna who then fires a twin atomic cannon which Green Lantern stops, and then Martian Manhunter uses his powerful breath to take care of burning coals so they don't weaken him. They then capture Saturna and retrieve his part of the parchment.          Meanwhile, Wonder Woman and the Flash battle giant Trolls guarding the Troll King's castle. After taking care of them, the Flash rushes in, but is too late as the portcullis closes and he collides with it, knocking himself out. The drawbridge is taken back, and he is imprisoned. Wonder Woman manages to get across with the help of her magic lasso and takes care of troll guards. She heads for the troll king, but falls into a trap and gets imprisoned with the Flash. Water then starts to flood the dungeon, and the thick walls keep them in. The Flash uses his super speed to freeze the water, and then they climb the ice, and Wonder Woman's strength smashes the ceiling. They escape and as the Troll King tries to get away in a helicopter, they capture him and obtain his parchment.         Superman, Batman, and Aquaman are then going after the final parchment. Superman attempts to fly into Simon Magus's castle, but has trouble dealing with the magic winds guarding it. He gets past them, but falls victim to the kryptonite throne of Simon Magus as he approaches him. The winds, still after Superman, grab Superman, who grabs Simon, but then Simon disappears. In the forest, Batman searches for Simon Magus, but then dryads whisper to the trees to stop Batman. Batman then uses powdered lead to start a fire and frees himself from the trees' graps. He then attempts to capture Simon, but he disappears again. Aquaman searches for him in the seas, and uses his command of sea creatures to help, but is caugt in a net by Simon Magus. Quickly thinking, Aquaman commands some of the sea creatures to grab Simon, who can't stay under water as long as Aquaman, and demands he releases him from the trap, or he'll drown. Simon is forced to free Aquaman to save himself and he is captured and the final parchment obtained.          The JLA now has all three parchments and they hurry back to Merlin, but first find that Snapper had been messing with Merlin's magic and turned himself into a giant. Luckily Merlin appears and turns him back into a human and then proceeds to undo the spell and returns Earth and the Magic land

After obtaining the three parchments, they hurry back to Merlin, who returns Earth and the Magic Land back to their normal selves. He then hides the spell so it won't be used again, and promises that the three captured villains will get a severe punishment for what they did. Later, Snapper is trying to tell Jimmy some stories about magic, but Jimmy tells him he's too old to believe in magic.