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The SPARTAN-III program was established to create a fighting force as capable as SPARTAN-IIs, but much more cost effective and easier to produce. The SPARTAN-III program, like its predecessor, took children around the age of six and trained them to be killing machines. Unlike the previous programs, the candidates did not have to meet as high a genetic, physical, and mental standard for selection. The children underwent similar augmentations, with a few alterations. One difference was inhibiting SPARTAN-III pain receptors so they would keep fighting even while gravely injured. SPARTAN-IIIs were trained by Chgief Mendez and Lt Kurt Ambrose (a SPARTAN-II-051). The armor given to SPARTAN-IIIs was semi powered infiltration armor or SPI. The SPI was not as durable as MJOLNIR and was not shielded either. The SPI did have a cloaking ability and was much more cost effective for the UNSC. SPARTAN-IIIs were deployed in battalions of 300 usually on suicide missions with 90-100% casualty rates. Most of the SPARTAN-IIIs were wiped out during the invasion of Reach. Future classes fell on the shield world Onyx. Some SPARTAN-IIIs were trained separately in teams of two known as headhunters. Headhunter units were used for assassinations and long term assignments. Members of NOBLE TEAM were taken out of their platoons and trained together for high priority missions.