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The Synthetic Human

Aphrodite IX is the latest synthetic humanoid in the Aphrodite series. She is frequently sent on assassination missions, upon completion of which, her memory is purged to protect her employers and herself. This has a tendency to make her job confusing, as she begins to question what she does for a living and for whom she does it.

IX begins to find that her job as an assassin isn't what she wants to do. She begins to dream like an average human being. But when she dreams, she sees bits and pieces of her past, lives she's taken, people she has murdered with no remorse and no mercy. Aphrodite begins to question who she is, what she atrocities she has committed, and why she has done so. With oblique aid from her friend Burch, she finds clues which lead her to a secret matriarchal society of cyborgs whose goal is to overthrow the current government.

When all the pieces finally fall into place, the memory of killing her creator and adoptive father, Doctor Mane, returns to her and she repents for her past misdeeds. Rebelling against her masters and overriding her programming, she refuses to kill her most recent target, then returns to punish the villainous matriarch responsible for sending her to kill so many people.

When the matriarch reveals that Aphrodite IX killing her and assuming her role in the society is her destiny, Aphrodite refuses to spill any more blood. She pleads with Aphrodite to end her reign, but Aphrodite turns and leaves, now mentally as well as physically prepared to face what lies ahead.

New Series:

She's Back!

In the future the earths atmosphere has been scared completely changing the face of the planet and dividing the human race into two waring factions the Genetically altered humans and the Cybernetically upgraded ones. During a raid on a Cyber base Marcus a Genetically altered human accidentally finds Aphrodite IX in a stasis pod when he is shot out down damaging the stasis pod in the process and causing Aphrodite to awaken. Aphrodite's mind has yet again been wiped and has no memories of her past. Three Cybers then attack them and Ahprodite IX disarms and kills them effortlessly much to Marcus's shock. Marcus takes Aphrodite to the safety of the Genetics stronghold. Meanwhile the Cybernetics discover a man in another stasis pod where Aphrodite was hidden and use their technology to upgrade then reawaken him. The man reveals himself to be Robert Burch, Aphrodite IX's handler. He is able to connect to her neural interface and upload targets for her to kill and is seen entering her mind and asking the leader of the Cybernetics who he wants her to kill.

Aphrodite successfully kills Marcus's father unbeknownst to both her and Marcus due to Burch's control over her. They make a raid on one of the Cyber's bases in order to recover the body of Marcus's dragon-like creature that he did not wish to be dissected by the Cybers capturing a high-ranking officer of the Cybers in the process. Burch then gets back into Aphrodite's head causing her to flirt with Marcus much to the distaste of his fiancee. Burch then orders her to kill Marcus's mother and free the captured Cyber both of which she accomplishes leading Marcus and his people to believe the escaped prisoner killed her. Aphrodite IX then wake up holding a bloody knife and having no memories of what happened.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Durability:Aphrodite is superhumanly durable and was able to take a free-fall from a skyscraper without any damage.

Superhuman Strength:Aphrodite is superhumanly strong able to lift upward of 2tons.

Superhuman Speed and Agility:Aphrodite IX has demonstrated superhuman speed and agility on a number of occasions. She has been shown to dodge bullets and move from building to building using extensive acrobatics.

Healing Factor:Aphrodite has a healing factor that allows her to quickly regenerate from otherwise fatal injuries. She has been seeing healing gun shot wounds, taking RPG rockets head on and grenades at close range within seconds.

Shapeshifting: Aphrodite has shown to be able to modify her physical appearance in small ways such as changing the color of her hair by thought. It is said she can completely change her outward appearance but this has yet to be seen.

Pheromones: Aphrodite has demonstrated the ability to secrete artificial pheromones which cause anyone effected to become attracted to her to a point that they will not attack.

Markswoman: Aphrodite is a very accomplished sharpshooter and has been seen shooting enemies in the head with minimal reaction time.

Showing her martial arts ability

Martial Arts: She is also a very accomplished hand to hand fighter demonstrating a good knowledge of martial arts.

Integrated Computer: Due to her being a synthetic human Aphrodite has a computer inside her body allowing her to scan her opponents telling her what they are, what they can do, weak spots and other useful information. It can also adapt and translate of languages within a matter of seconds.

Using the integrated computer

Other Media:

Aphrodite IX was scheduled to be made into an anime series (by Mad House, the animation house that made Witchblade) but other than a promo trailer nothing else manifested.