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Nuke was a soldier during the Vietnam War who was traumatized by the war and his psyche damaged. Unable to find a place after the war was over, Nuke agreed to undergo experimental procedures to make him a super-soldier like Captain America who would answer to the government. While the experiments were successful, Nuke's mental condition only got worse with him constantly believing he was still fighting in the Vietnam War and going as far to tattoo the American flag on his face. His mental problems meant he wasn't the ideal candidate to replace Captain America and instead began doing black-ops work for the government and contractors.


Nuke was created by Frank Miller and David Mazzuchelli first appeared in Daredevil #232.

Character Evolution

Nuke largely disappeared following his apparent death in Daredevil #233, although his origin was explored and touched upon in issues of Captain America and Wolverine. It wasn't until Grant Morrison's New X-Men, when Morrison revealed Nuke was involved in the Weapon Plus program, that the character made a return in subsequent stories.

Major Story Arcs

Born Again

Kingpin gains access to Nuke via government officials he had blackmailed and manipulates the fragile soldier into believing Daredevil hates America and is his sworn enemy in a bid to have Nuke attack his nemesis. Nuke attacks Hell's Kitchen, causing massive damage and casualities as Daredevil battles him with help from the Avengers.

Later, learning that Nuke was an attempt to recreate the process which empowered him, Captain America and Daredevil join forces to try and protect Nuke from the government and US Army who are trying to kill him as his attack on Hell's Kitchen incriminates them. The heroes are unsuccessful and Nuke is shot and appears to die as Daredevil rushes his body to the Daily Bugle so Ben Urich can expose the whole conspiracy.

Born in Blood

Nuke survived however and was taken into government custody, kept hidden away, and deployed for black-ops missions. His survival was made known to Captain America and the X-Men when the government sent him after Wolverine.

Dark Reign

Outfitted as Scourge, Nuke joined Norman Osborn's Thunderbolts squad and led the team in a mission to capture and execute Black Widow and Songbird. His team-mates Headsman and Paladin refused to obey his orders and murder the two women in cold blood which led to an intense fight between them which was only ended when Ghost phased through Nuke's head causing him to pass out.


For more information see: Siege

The Thunderbolts were sent to Asgard to secure Gungnir so Osborn could use to to slay Thor . The team encountered the Avengers and Nuke battled against U.S.Agent whom he grievously injured. Paladin again refused to obey Nuke's orders and instead shot him in the face repeatedly at close range.

Powers and Abilities

Nuke has enhanced strength and is an expert in combat, both armed and unarmed. Nuke has heightened endurance provided by an exo-skeleton under his skin.