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Written by Brian Azzarello, Chuck Dixon, John Arcudi, Joe Kelly and Andrew Helfer Art and cover by Jordi Bernet Spanish comic book artist extraordinaire Jordi Bernet (BATMAN: BLACK AND WHITE VOL. 2) dives into issue #6 of SOLO! Bernet teams up with some of today's best writers, illustrating tales of horror and revenge by Brian Azzarello, John Arcudi, Joe Kelly, Andrew Helfer and Chuck Dixon. Featuring stories from the Old West, 1950s Las Vegas, a South American prison, a forgotten Texas town, and a Batman/Poison Ivy tale fresh from the streets of Gotham City!


Story list:

  1. Back Bone
  2. Drive
  3. Old Dog / New Trick
  4. The Stalking Horse
  5. Poison - Feature: Batman
  6. Jordi Bernet