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The house ruling the North, the largest but most thinly populated territory of the Seven Kingdoms and the lands most vulnerable to Westeros' long winters that last for years at a time. They are a grim house of iron will and devotion to honor, holding to the old laws and customs of the First Men. They claim to descend from Brandon the Builder, who built the great Wall that seals the realm away from the far north. Their sigil is the direwolf, a large species of wolf that is no longer seen below the Wall. Their words are "Winter is Coming" Unlike other houses, their words are not a boast or declaration, but a warning; it serves as a reminder of their beginnings and the great importance of things to come.


The Starks traced their descent from the First Men in the Age of Heroes, when their founder Bran the Builder constructed the Wall with the help of Giants and the children of the forest and helped establish the Night Watch. He went to construct their city of Winterfell and ruled as the first King in the North. The Starks have reigned the North for thousands of years, even withstanding the invasion of the Andals. As the Seven Kingdoms fell and the children of the forest were driven away, the North stood strong and mainteined their religious costums and ways of life. Eventually the days of the Kings of Winter came to the end when Aegon landed on Westeros. After Aegon's dragons destroyed the combined might of the Reach and the Rock in the Field of Fire, King Tohreen Torrhen Stark bent the knee and swore fealty to the Targaryen dinasty in order to spare the destruction of Winterfell and his people. He was forever ever known as "The King Who Knelt".

As a result for his submission, Aegon named Tohreen Torrhen Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North. The Starks take great pride in their traditions, its one of the few old Houses that still worship the Old Gods along with the Faith of the Seven brought with the Andal invasion. House Stark remains steadyfast in support of the Night's Watch, even if the once great and powerful order has fallen on hard times. Much like their sigil, the great direwolf, House Stark is the stuff of legend in the North and through out the Seven Kingdoms.