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The Wicked Brigade were a group of criminals that were after Spider Man because a bounty was place on his head. The members included the Squid, Ms. Fortune, Ogre, Lightning Fist and Razor Wire. A flu stricken Spider Man was attacked on a rooftop building by the Squid and Ms. Fortune. Spider Man insulted them for their cutesy animal names and having a name based on bad puns before he easily disposed of the two. He then came across the rest of the group, Razor Wire, Lightning Fist and Ogre. A brief scuffle ensued until the remaining members of the Wicked Brigade were taken out by a power blast from another criminal named Master Monarch.
Marvel Zombies 4 At one point the Wicked Brigade arrive in Taino and offer their services to protect the zombies Deadpool and Simon Garth only to get killed by the zombie virus cloud. However Deadpool was able to take control of the zombie virus cloud and merged his mind and their bodies together, becoming The Revenant.  In their new form, they fought Man-Thing and viciously defeated him. Man-Thing however survived the fight and The Revenant was killed by Man-Thing's burning death touch.

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