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Aelfyre Whitemane, dubbed Whitey, was a Kymellian xenologist who fell in love with Earth's culture. This was what moved him to try and stop James Power from creating an Anti-matter Device. A similar device had been used on Kymellia and had resulted in the destruction of the entire planet. Ignoring the Kymellian law of non-interference, Aelfyre travelled to Earth to stop Dr. Power’s experiment. He arrived only to find that the Z'nrx already had plans for the formula. (An anti-matter device had destroyed the Z'nrx home world as well). During this time he was mortally wounded. In the last few moments of his life, he gave his powers of the Four Fundamental Forces to Katie, Alex, Julie and Jack Power. He told them “Save your world”. Whitey, however, didn't "die"; he simply vanished.

Aelfyre dedicated his life to contemplating the universe through the Four Fundamental Forces; Gravity, Energy, Velocity and Density. He learned Earth culture and language through movies that were broadcasted to his smartship, Friday. He even named his ship after his favorite Earth movie, His Girl Friday.

Aelfyre was the son of Lord Byrel (a Kymellian elder) and is related to Lord Yrik and Kofi Whitemane.

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