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A mysterious agent of Thanos, the mad titan had hired the mercenary White Raven to locate and retrieve a powerful and mysterious legendary artifact. The artifact was in the possession of the Survivor, an incredibly long lived sole survivor of his race. White Raven had traveled through space in her ship, destroyed a space ship piloted by a group of Skrulls, and actually flew into and onto a comet where the Survivor was located. As it turns out the Silver Surfer had been sent by Galactus to retrieve the mysterious and powerful artifact in possession of the Survivor as well. The Silver Surfer had reached the Survivor before White Raven had, so as he was handing the artifact, which had been revealed to be a crystal, over to the Surfer, she shot him, causing the artifact to fall from his hand and shatter. Emerging from the crystal was a giant red beastly creature. Revealing itself as the Elder Demon, the creature swore revenge for being imprisoned. Even the power of the Silver Surfer would be inadequate in facing this demonic being. White Raven would impale the powerful creature with her ship, causing an energy feedback within the Elder Demon supposedly killing him.             


White Raven is a Marvel comic book character created by writer Ron Marz and artist Claudio Castellini. Her first and only appearance so far was in Silver Surfer: Dangerous Artifacts #1 released in 1996. 

Powers and Abilities

White Raven would wield highly advanced twin laser blasters. She could fly and survive in the vacuum of space. She had a ruthless and efficient attitude.

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