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Clovis Maines is a simpleton living in back woods Georgia. He and his cohorts have been robbing gas stations, loan shops and tour buses. They have been able to pull these heists off with ease because Clovis is the nephew of the local sheriff and his two partners are police officers. The trouble begins when a random tour bus robbery is thwarted by the merc with a mouth himself... Deadpool. Deadpool throws the crooks out of the bus but he wants to talk to their third partner in the car (White Lightnin') so he can smite them. When first introduced to Clovis Deadpool can only laugh, until he is shown first hand why they call him White Lightnin'. After being struck by an electrical blast courtesy of White Lightnin' Deadpool wakes up some time later to find his fellow passengers trying to call the police. After someone finds a walky-talky Deadpool reveals that it was left by the police because they were the crooks who tried to rob them. Deadpool ventures to the Mason County sheriff office to find those who did him wrong and take a new mantle...sheriff.  The female deputy tells Deadpool Clovis and his uncle, sheriff Dale, are at their still, once he is there he observes the two men. Dale spots a car, "an inner-loper" and has White Lightnin' destroy it. Clovis blasts the car, easily blowing it up, then starts to run back to the still but Deadpool snipes one his batteries ruining his "power suit." The battery acid covers him and starts burning his skin, blurring his vision and melting his clothes forcing him to strip down to his boxers. Shortly after this the men are surprised when they are suddenly surrounded by agents of the Georgia division of the A.T.F (department of alcohol, tobacco and firearms) who take them into custody. The A.T.F reveal that they were tipped off about their activities at the still by a female inside the operation. Clovis and Sheriff Dale claim they were set up by the "brains of the operation," the female insider, the female sheriff Darlene. She even tried setting Deadpool up with the two but it turns out before Deadpool set out on his "mission" he was suspicious of Darlene and had her call the A.T.F to stop their crime spree. Deadpool confirms the claims by taking them to their third accomplice from the bus robbery imprisoned at the sheriff's office. The A.T.F lets Deadpool go, surprisingly, and arrests the others including Clovis Maines the notorious White Lightnin'.        
"Legend" has it Clovis was building his moonshine still (to us city folk moonshine is home made booze and the still is where its made) one night, coiling up some copper wiring during a really bad thunder storm. That night he was struck by lightning and when he awoke he was able to channel electricity.  His powers are a little complicated though, he wears a vest full of batteries because he is unable to hold or store the electricity himself. He powers the batteries himself and uses the devices on his wrists to shoot the electricity. 

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