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Wolverine’s been accused…of Hulk’s murder! What conflict led to Wolverine piercing Hulk’s gamma-irradiated hide? And will the X-Men bail Logan out of this sticky situation? In the world of What Ifs?, anything’s possible!

This is what would of happened if Wolverine didn't obey his orders from Depatment H. He kills the Hulk, and joins Magneto's brotherhood and joins the X-men as a secret spy for the Brotherhood. Wolverine is send by Magneto to join the X-Men and betrays them by turning off the alarm device against Magneto at Xavier's Mansion. Wolverine does it, but at the end realizes that the X-Men are his friend, become in love by Jean and kills Magneto. But before dying, Magneto manages to kill Wolverine with his own claws.

And another What If story called

''What If The Fantastic Four Had Never Been?''

Note: This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, "Daredevil's Longest Fight!"

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