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From The Longboxes : What IF #2

When Bruce changes into the Hulk, he finds his own mind in control of the body of a monster. 
 Considering most of the earlier issues of the Hulk involve General Ross hunting the Hulk down, this is a very appropriate cover.  I especially like the image of Bruce Banner in the background.  
 Interiors :  
  There is just something to love about art in the '70s. Herb Trimpe does a fine job of rendering scenes from classic silver age appearances. Although, colorist Glynis Wein gives us a Green Hulk, not Grey. Still, they manage to make it an exciting book to see. 
So... What if the Hulk had the brain of Bruce Banner?  Well ... apparently, he would be going through the same scenarios he did as a monster. Only this time he would be saying, wow!! Wouldn't it have been sucky if I was a monster, and not a scientist in the body of a monster?"  However, once the book gets past its own sense of novelty, Roy Thomas manages to give us a well scripted book.  
  I ended up enjoying this entry, but thanks to a bit of a weird start, it did take a few pages. 

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