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History: (What If? II#108) - After Carnage's alien symbiote attached itself to the Silver Surfer, Spider-Man was lucky just to dodge his attacks. As the Carnage Cosmic, the Surfer attacked until he was temporarily stopped by the arrival of the Avengers, as well as Justice and Firestar of the New Warriors. Thor quickly threw his hammer at the Carnage Cosmic, but the Carnage Cosmic wrapped the hammer in symbiotic webbing and transformed into a giant spike heading back to Thor's hand. Iron Man managed to use his repulsors to break the symbiotic webbing, returning to use of Thor's hammer. After Captain America kicked the creature, the Vision phased his hand through the Carnage Cosmic's chest and attempted to solidify. When he did so, the Carnage Cosmic altered his own molecules to generate intense feedback into the Vision. Before the Avengers could rally themselves, the Carnage Cosmic blasted them all to the ground and flew off to create for mayhem.

The Avengers returned to Avengers Mansion to tend to the Vision's injuries as the Carnage Cosmic went global, causing mayhem wherever he went. The Avengers discussed the events that led to the Silver Surfer being attached to the Carnage symbiote and how the symbiote had left Cletus Kasady to die. Spider-Man explained that if the symbiote had enough time to permenantly bond with the Surfer, that there might not be any other way to stop him aside from killing him. After altering the molecular structure of the Statue of Liberty, the Carnage Cosmic once again met with the Avengers. The Carnage Cosmic easily bested the Avengers once again until Firestar managed to harm the symbiote enough to allow the Silver Surfer control over his body. Realizing that there was only way to stop the Carnage symbiote, the Silver Surfer flew himself into the sun, destroying both himself and the symbiote.

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