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In 1967 came a Bizzaro experiment from the people who brought us the hoola hoop and Frisbee, a comic book that measured 21” by 14” and cost 98 cents! (believe me in 1967 that was a big deal, 80 pages comics only cost 25 cents.

But for this you got a comic that if it had been regular comic size would have been something like 200 pages thick.

They promised 5 more, but this was the only one. 

Inside you found:

"Clyde, King of the Jungle" / Shean. 1 p.

"The Young Eagles" 3 p. -- World War I story.

"Bridget and Her Little Brother Newton the Nuisance" / Stanley. 1 p.

"Super Sibling and His Magic Chokes" 1 p.

"Goody Bumpkin" / Wallace Wood. 2 p.

"Fugitive from a Scrap Pile" (Klunker the Misfit Monster) / Willie Ito. 1 p.
"Tor and the Man from the Aeons" 2 p. -- Prehistoric adventure.

"Wild Earth Child" 1 p.

"Kaleidoscope of Fear" 2 p.

"Experiment in Shock" / Steffen Agen. 2 p.
"The Adventures of Melvin the Magician" 1 p.

"Stellar Apes" 2 p.

"Tree's a Crowd" (Flabby and Gabby) 1 p.

"A Helping Handsome" 1 p.

"The Wooden Sword" 3 p.

"Vehicles to Suit Your Hobby!" / 2 p.

"Fantastic Flying Machines" 1 p. fact feature

"Flying Saucers Mystify the Air Force" 1 p.

"The Diary of Ty Locke" / illustrated by Tufts. 2 1/2 p.

"The Edge of Time" 3 p.

"Unexplored" / Ellefson. 1/2 p.

"Money" 1/4 p fact feature

"Galaxo the Cosmic Agent" 3 p.

"Bread" 1/4 p. fact feature

"Radian" / by Wallace Wood. 3 p.

"Captain Valoren" 2 p.

"The Razor" 1/4 p. fact feature


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