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Very little is known about Wes Anselm. He was raised alongside his brother, Danny, who took it upon himself to support Wes and to restrain his pedophiliac impulses. Because of this, Wes is employed in various criminal enterprises alongside Danny.


Wes Anselm was created by John Ostrander, Kim Yale, and Luke McDonnell. He made his first appearance in Deadshot #2

Major Story Arcs


Wes is among the men who kidnap Eddie Lawton in order to force his father, Deadshot, to carry out a contract. Despite himself he becomes increasingly fixated on Eddie, and must be repeatedly restrained by his brother. When Deadshot attacks the group's headquarters Wes is the only member of the group to escape, and he brings Eddie with him. Bringing the boy to an apartment he rapes and accidentally kills him. When Deadshot arrives in the immediate aftermath he shoots Wes, killing him.

Powers and Abilities

Wes is a normal human and has no known superhuman powers or abilities.

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