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Werner Roth was among the key artists of 1950s Marvel Comics ("Atlas"), responsible for most stories involving Apache Kid and Lorna the Jungle Queen. In the 1960s he worked both DC and Marvel t the same time. His DC work mostly focused on romance anthologies, though he was among the most memorable Lois Lane artists. He originally used the alias Jay Gavin for Marvel in the hope this would escape the attention of his DC bosses. He did work for various title but remains better known as the main X-Men artist from 1965 to 1969. His issues include X-Men vol. 1 #10-29 (March, 1965 - February, 1967), #31-33 (April - June, 1967), #35 (August, 1967), and #38-57 (November, 1967-June, 1969). His first credited issue was #13.

Characters Created by Werner Roth

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