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Caretakers of the Teen Titans

A Part of the Team
A Part of the Team

During the DCU's lost year, Wendy and Marvin work as the caretakers for the Teen Titans. With their intelligence, they also provide tech support at the Titans Tower. They were the ones responsible for fixing Cyborg, while he was offline for the year.

Marvin's Death

Wonderdog's gruesome betrayal
Wonderdog's gruesome betrayal

As their time with the Titans progressed, the duo began feeling more like janitors and expressed desire to leave the team behind. But when a lovable dog finds his way into the Tower, they dub him "Wonderdog" and their attitudes begin to change with a new sense of purpose. However, the dog was actually sent to infiltrate the Tower by the villainous Lycus. Both Marvin and Wendy attacked by Wonderdog, who is actually a vicious beast. Marvin is killed. Wendy survives, though she is comatose. The Calculator visits her in the hospital, and reveals that he is her father.

Wendy's story is continued in Oracle: The Cure #3, in which Wendy recovers from her coma. However, she is unable to feel her legs, suggesting that she is paraplegic.

Proxy - Teaming Up with Batgirl

A New Identity
A New Identity

After the loss of her ability to walk and being bound to a wheelchair, Wendy distanced herself from all those she cared about, trying to cope on her own. She sometimes goes to Leslie Thompkins' clinic and tries to fight through the pain and make herself walk again. Barbara Gordon, Oracle, is attempting to help Wendy face the same problems that she once had. After teaming up with Batgirl in order to save Barbara, who was abducted by the Calculator, Wendy took up a new identity and named her self Proxy, with the intention to help Batgirl the same way Oracle does, whenever Oracle isn't around.

Powers and Abilities

Wendy has super-intelligence.

Other Media

Wendy and her brother Marvin attend the same high school as Superboy and Miss Martian in the series Young Justice.

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