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Below Average WWT

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At first this would seem to be another good issue of Weird Western Tales. It features two stories, one starring Jonah Hex, the other starring El Diablo.

The Jonah Hex story involves some interesting and complex characters - one an escaped convict named Chandler, and another, his negro friend Orion. Following Chandler's escape, the two head northeast through Texas, poisoning water holes along the way. Hex is in pursuit for the bounty on Chandler, and he catches them, but when he stops to rescue the survivor of a Comanche attack, Chandler and Orion escape again. It's a good setup and has pretty good art too.

The El Diablo story 'The Fury of the Haunted Horseman' also fits sort of thematically with the Hex story - as El Diablo is pursuing some villains, this time train hijackers, and there's a great twist about the cargo near the end. It too features some good artwork.

But the problem here is that both stories feature a few too many 'why'd he do that?' moments. In the Hex story, Chandler could've killed Hex clean by shooting him at one point - but instead leaves him waterless in the desert to die (or in this case, survive and come back for revenge). There are similar happenings in the El Diablo story: El Diablo, for example, shoots out the latches on a railroad coal car to kill a villain standing atop it, instead of just shooting him directly - a more quick, efficient and all-around more logical, less chancy method.

There are some other examples - particularly in the El Diablo backup story, but it's enough to say this is a 'below average' issue.

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