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Hex Takes Over Weird Western Tales

Jonah Hex and the Thing in the Barn
Jonah Hex and the Thing in the Barn

Issue 18 of Weird Western Tales marks a bit of a shift. It's become pretty clear that the break out star of this comic is Jonah Hex.

Not only are all the pages of the comic devoted to one Jonah Hex story, but 'Jonah Hex' now appears on the cover larger than the comic's title, 'Weird Western Tales'.

Hex evokes Eastwood
Hex evokes Eastwood
Jonah Hex is cornered by a mob
Jonah Hex is cornered by a mob

The story, 'The Hoax', continues the tradition of Jonah Hex stories being plausible real westerns, with the supernatural elements only hinted at.

This issue is a prime example - the cover features some kind of a monster (it's a werewolf), but the story, as you can probably guess by the title - isn't exactly what it seems. It's a decent enough story, though not one of the best Hex stories we've seen.

Tony DeZuniga's art, though, continues to impress.

He's pretty much clearly modeling Jonah Hex on Clint Eastwood, and his 'sketchy' style is great for the trail-dirt feel of a western.

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