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Weird Attacks?

First off, the Name of the Hero helps with what’s going on! That what this Comic is, “Weird”!  Superman and Nuklon are trying to take over the Earth!!! And no, it’s the Real Superman, not the Cyborg. So what’s going on! Well the Weird tells  Batmanwhat is going on. They are Possessed by the Macrolatts! They a an Energy race from a Parallel Reality. The same that Weird came from. But how do you stop something that can give powers to the host, that they don’t have? Well, only the Weird can do that. He trick them to get near him, and then grabs them and kills them both! This of course wasn’t easy to do. Now The Weird only has two days left before he explodes. What will he do before he goes into space to die?

To be honest, I picked this one up because of it’s name. I thought it might be fun to read a Comic with this name. Boy, was I right about that! This is only a 4 part series, but it’s good! It’s a great addition to all DC collections! 

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