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Spider-Man has just stopped Hobgoblin from killing Katzenberg and now as him tied up in webbing swinging threw midtown in a thunder storm. In the distense, Demogoblin and Doppleganger watch the two and begin there attack to kill them.

Doppleganger attacks a swinging Spider-Man but misses and end spider-Man makes it to the top of a building both him and Hobgblin meet up with the two villians. Doppleanger attacks again but is kicked by Spider-man right into Demogoblin. Spider-Man and Hobgoblin escape but this time Doppleganger's razor webbing stops them and both of the fall to the streets and hey escape into a church.

Meanwhile in the sewers, ghost Rider and Johnny Blaze seek Hag and Troll in order to stop them from bringning back Deathwatch. At this point they bump int Venom who is also seeking Hag and troll for killing a man.

The three are now surrounded by Hag, Troll, and the deathspawn and start fighting.

Back in the Church, a Father helps Spider-Man and Hobgoblin hide but Dem goblin and Doppleganger enter the church.

Back in the sewer, Venom captures Hag and Troll and leaves Ghost Rider and Blaze in the sewer with the deathspawn. But he bumps into Spider-Man. He tries to kill spider-Man but he is attacked by Doppleganger. At this point Ghost Rider , Blaze, and the Deathspawn amerge from the ground. Demogoblin attacks Ghost Rider. Both Ghost Rider,Demooblin, venom, and Doppleganger fall into the hole to the sewers. All of a sudden a deathspawn catures the minister and spider -Man goes after them.

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