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Nick Katzenberg watches a meeting between Robbie and Spider-Man. Robbie says Tombstone has contacted him and wants to meet. He asks Spidey to look after his family while he goes to the police. Spider-Man puts a tracer on Robbie and swings off.

Katzenberg follows Joe to what turns out to be Hammerhead's private mansion. Through the window, Katzenberg sees a very battered Hammerhead. Robbie goes into the room and Tombstone shows up, saying he's taking over the city. Tombstone says he thanks Robbie for shooting him. Because of the gas in that chamber, he is stronger than ever. He says their debts are clear.

Spidey shows up and they fight but Tombstone is practically unbreakable. They fight more and Spidey webs him to a wall. Hammerhead has broken free and fires a lot of shots at him. It has little effect but then one of the bullets his an ammunition store and there's a huge explosion. Tombstone is apparently killed, though it's unclear what happens to Hammerhead.

Katzenberg's camera is ruined too.

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