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An entity formed from bonding Darkness and Witchblade to a single wielder.

Tarsem Vox had killed Witchblade bearer in his time: in a society where Witchblade's bearer is worshiped, that was the most heinous crime. He escaped his punishment by going back in time, he however wasn't able to control that leap and ended up tens of thousands year in a past. He then went into a form of hibernation, able to dream but not age. His slumber was interrupted by the birth of new entity. It bonded with Tarsem giving him incredible powers. Now again awake, but still not able to leave the place he slept, as it was also become his prison, guarded by energy formed entities. When Lara Croft stumbled on his location, he gave her some of the Weave power. Lara was able to destroy some of the guards, but one of them got a hold of her and tossed her through the wall to a subway. Weave then sent Lara to retrieve Witchblade, as it's power could fully release him from the prison. After a brief battle, Lara managed to bring Sara Pezzini, current Witchblade bearer back to Weave. Using its power he released himself, but a certain power surge happened and 5 people from Tarsem's world were pulled back in time. Vox planned to build a bridge to today's Witchblade and a Witchblade 3000 years from now, thus emerging two time lines. He would be able to travel freely between the two times and mold the history as he would see fit. His plans were interrupted by Sara Pezzini, Lara Croft and that group that got pulled back in time.

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