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Morrison and Quitely continue their unique "Westernized manga." A cyborg dog, cat and rabbit tear through everything the military turns against them, only to come face-to-face with a teeming wave of frenzied, cyber-enhanced rats. And in a bloody battle already filled with considerable cost, the three will make an unforgivable mistake of fatal consequence...

The issue opens up with Bandit, Pirate and Tinker frantically evading open fire from the US military in the form of heavily equipped helicopters, Humvees and ground troops . The scene then swaps back to Doctor Trendle explaining to both Roseanne Berry and the US government (via phonecall) the dangers of the three animals. "Oh, those poor men." He gasps after hanging up his phone.

After being cornered, all three of the animals fight back and attack their aggressors, quickly thinning out their ranks using their own bodies/claws/teeth and ammunition as weapons. It isn't long before the woods where the animals tried to take refuge in is littered to the brim with the decaying bodies of soldiers and destroyed military vehicles.

After hearing the news of soldiers dying in battle, Doctor Trendle sites that the whole point of the animal experiments was so that no man should have to die. He says this with a smile on his face as he heartlessly confronts his lab mice with a set of pliers and a medical drill.

After the battle it is revealed that Pirate's tail is damaged and Tinker's set of razor claws are missing. It is also revealed to Roseanne Berry that she would be used to gain control of the animals, much to her discretion.

Angered by Bandit's tactics, Tinker tries to flee from both Bandit and Pirate which causes an argument and than a physical confrontation between the animals. Distracted by one another they fail to acknowledge that they are slowly being surrounded by a heard of mechanized mind-controlled mice. Bandit protects Tinker in the attack as the mice quickly out-number and overwhelm the animals. Shortly after the fight erupts, Pirate notices that a train is quickly approaching the three animals who are revealed to be on a track bridge. They try to escape but are too late as the train crashes into them and then plummets into the lake below in a fiery carnage. Bandit emerges from the water with the unconscious conductor in his grasp. He safely leads him to shore much revealing that he still has cares about man even though Tinker expresses disgust. The three animals tread on looking for what they could only describe as "home". It is unfortunately revealed that even though Bandit tried to save the man, the man was presumably dead the entire time due to half his torso missing.

The animals travel all day and reach a mountainside which casts over a large city. It is here that both 1 (Bandit) and 2 (Tinker) have lost 3 (Pirate) in the confusion. Pirate is revealed to be on a highway in front of a pickup truck. He lovingly asks if the "Boss could fix his tale", but due to his mechanized appearance the owner of the pickup aims his gun at Pirate, his thinking it is an alien. 1 and 2 reach 3 but it is too late. The man shoots Pirate in the head which causes Bandit to act aggressively and retaliate, shredding the man to pieces. Bandit expresses shame afterwards for both failing to save Pirate who is now brain-damaged and harming a human being. "Bad dog", he cries over and over as the three continue on their journey.

Back at the military base where Roseanne Berry is being detained, it is revealed that there is a Plan B to stop the animals; Weapon 4, who is a massive brutal killing machine. Roseanne stares in shock at Weapon 4 and pleads "Not like this". before the issue comes to an end.

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