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Divisions of The Company

Wayne Tech

 Red Robin using Wayne Tech Products
Red Robin using Wayne Tech Products

The largest division of Wayne Enterprises. It retrieves and researches alien technology. It's biggest rival was LexCorp until Wayne Enterprises bought them out. Batman uses this division to gather new gadgets.

Wayne Biotech

This part of the company takes charge for Gotham City's Healthcare system. The division is currently working on trying to find a cure for diseases such as cancer, AIDS and HIV.

Wayne Foods

This division was started by an Irish immigrant named Patrick Toole in 1872 and originally named "Toole and Sons Food Merchants". The company was successful and by 1902 there were five of these stores in Gotham City. Patrick Toole passed away in 1919 at the age of 72. He left the company in the hands of his eldest son, Thomas Toole, and under his guidance the company expanded across the United States. When World War I began in 1914 in Europe it severely affected the trading between Ireland and Gotham City, and by the end of the war the company was almost bankrupt. Thomas could no longer handle the company and committed suicide at the age 43. His brother Rory took over.

In 1925 the Wayne Family bought the company and eventually changed its name to Wayne Foods in 1956. It mainly focuses on high-end products and specialty goods.

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