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How would someone describe The Watchmen to a newbie (who hasn't read the GN but lives on other comics)?

I'm being bombarded with fanboy/girls screaming 'READ IT NOW, ITS THE BEST BOOK EVAH!' cr*p, without explaining further and with evidence as to why it's good. Never mind that they don't evaulate why they didn't tell newbies, about the GNs before a bandwagon movie is made.

After some research, the only thing I don't like about WM is the story line/theme. Nuclear war, America Vs Soviets. =\ No interest in these types of stories, or reading a homage to characters from other writers (Blue Beetle, Black Canary)

I'm willing to sit down and read the book, if someone; a friend or a stranger, will explain it in a non-fanboy/girl language and in a civil manner, rather than bouncing off the walls and arguing that it's the graphic novel that makes 'us geeks' not look like geeks.

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just kidding,

if you've seen v for vendetta, then it's very similar.. it's very political and BEAUTIFULL written

it's a superhero comic, but not like any others, it's very realistic

the story itself takes huge twists, it's originally about a masked-vigilante group called "watchmen", and years after they dismantle, one of their members is murdered, and only one of the original members is actually investigating

it takes huge twists from there

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