Writing an analysis of Watchmen and its movie

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Hey there!

In the last year of high school in Norway, all students must write (or make a short film/presentation) an essay about almost anything, as long as it's kind of related to the Norwegian subject. I was thinking of writing about Watchmen and the movie that came out a few years ago. Other than just comparing the novel and the film I was wondering if there is anything you guys feel that I should include in my essay? I of course have a few ideas my self, but I also wanted some opinions from people who have most likely read the book more times than me and have more knowledge about it.

I've also pondered around the thought of writing about Fight Club, but I've heard it's been done a few times before so I don't know if I'm gonna go for that. Watchmen is a little more original choice I think.

So yea, any kind of input is kindly appreciated!

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