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Brief History

On his eighteenth birthday, Warp Savant attacked the military base of Cape Citadel, Florida. With the military unable to stop him, the X-Men (consisting of Jean Grey, Wolverine, Cyclops and Angel) tried to take him down. After being defeated, Warp Savant turned his power on himself, possibly killing him. Warp was a teenage drug user and drinker. The day before his eighteenth birthday he told his friends it will be a day to remember. He went to Cape Citadel military base and started using his powers on things and people. The X-Men were called Jean Grey and Wolverine went to him to be teleported into his mind. That's when the X-men kew they couldnt get close to him, so Archangel had a device that would neutralize his powers from afar. Jean found away out of his mind and told him they can help him. He told them he just wanted to have a good time and used his powers on himself.

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