War Machine in avenger movie

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Do you think that War Machine should be in the new Avengers movie along with cap., Iron-man, Thor, and maybe Hulk?  Don Cheedle is a pretty good actor and might be cheaper than Norton to sign for the movie.   What do u think this movie will actually be about?

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I think it would be awesome to have War Machine in it. But didn't Fury say that he didn't want Stark on the team, but he wanted Iron Man so maybe Rhodey will be Iron Man

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Yeah...no. I like him, thought he was awesome in the movie, but I want Tony as Iron Man on the Avengers, plus if you bring in War Machine, it''s just going to be a cluttered movie.

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Well I was figuring that they will have to ask Tony to join  the avengers.  I was also thinking that they may not have hulk in the movie.  Heard that a couple of times on a few sites.  Thought maybe it would be easier to put war machine on the team because his character is already established in Iron-man 2.  I think they would like to have another guy who is not the focal point, but on the avengers team.  It would be easier than trying to fit in hawkeye an unknown movie character who they have not had an origin movie yet.   And if there is no hulk.  If hulk is in the movie this all goes in the toilet.

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It will be really cool

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As far as the movie goes, wouldn't they have to prove why it makes more sense to have a Hawkeye in the movie rather than and extra Iron Man armor? People who don't know who Hawkeye is will not give a damn about some guy who shoots arrows in fights with huge monsters, they would want the guy with the huge guns on their team, I would think.

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i think he should be

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