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Variant Threat Response Battle Suit

Mk I War Machine

Tony Stark first build this armor to combat the villain Masters of Silence, a trio of warriors with armor designed to negate Stark's standard Iron Man Weapon Systems. When Stark faked his death he left an upgraded (and slightly altered) War Machine Armor for his best friend, James Rhodes.


  • Repulsors
  • Wrist-mounted twin barrel cannons, flamethrower, energy blade and force shield generator
  • Shoulder-mounted Gatling gun, rocket launcher and portable particle cannon

The armor is twice the thickness of Iron Man's armor and is also been fitted with a hyper-refractory polyprismatic coating to defend itself from laser attacks.

Eidolon Warwear


The Eidolon are warrior aliens that are believe to be extinct. They created an armor that bonds to its wearer like a symbiote. It can also store memories of its past wearers in its system.

See Eidolon Warwear.

Sentinel Armor


Stark designed an armor for Rhodey to use while training the Sentinel Pilots of O.N.E.


  • Pulsar Beams fired from the palms
  • Blaster fired from the eyes and chest armor
  • Sonic emitters
  • Missile Launchers
  • Non-lethal weapons (nets, smoke bombs)
  • Mutant power countermeasures

The Sentinel armor is constructed from a chemical combination of steel and fiberglass, created by Mr Fantastic.

Stanetech War Machine

Orders are orders - X-Men #20

When Rhodey was severely injured, he needed to be in life support and cybernetic implants were required to placed in him combine his current Starktech War Machine and Obadiah Stane's reverse engineered technology derived from the Iron Man armor he stole from the past.


  • Same as the Starktech weaponry (stated above)
  • Stanetech technology that renders him immune to Starktech systems attacks
  • The armor is made from a mixture of titanium and vibranium from stealth purposes. It can interface from other systems and and can physically integrate mechanical constructs to repair and even upgrade itself such as fusing itself to a fighter jet or a tank.

Iron Man 2.0

Iron Man 2.0 #7

After the Stanetech suit was damaged beyond repair, Rhodes was given an upgraded suit. The new armor emphasized stealth and speed over firepower, and thus did away with most of the large guns seen on the previous War Machine armors. It possessed a "Chameleon Mode," which allowed the suit to become functionally invisible, as well as a Ghost feature that allowed it to become intangible.


The drones vs Amadeus Cho
The drones vs Amadeus Cho

During the Avengers' war against the Illuminati, it is shown that the heroes have developed advanced War Machine drones to help combat their enemies. The drone appear to have all of the capabilities of the Stanetech War Machine armor, but are operated from a remote location without the use of a physical pilot.

The drones are dispatched to capture Amadeus Cho after he breaks into Avengers Tower.

In Other Media

Video Games

Marvel Vs. Capcom series

War Machine in the MVC games
War Machine in the MVC games

War Machine appears in several installments of this Japanese fighting series. The armor in the game is a palette swap of the modular armor that Iron Man was using in the comics and TV show at the time, and thus is unique to the game. It lacks most of the heavy ornamentation from the comics, but does display the ability to fire large amounts of rockets, laers and missiles during War Machine's special moves. There is also a gold variant of the armor that is more resistant to damage and has a larger arsenal of missiles.


Iron Man 2

The original War Machine armor
The original War Machine armor

The War Machine armor makes its debut in this film. Its origin differs somewhat from the comics, as here, it is developed from the Iron Man MK II armor after James Rhodes confiscates it from Tony Stark. Justin Hammer upgrades the suit by adding in a black paint job and a number of armaments, including a shoulder mounted gun and numerous other weapons throughout the body.

The prequel comic Iron Man 3 Prelude later reveals that Rhodes gave the armor back to Stark after the battle with Whiplash, and that Tony removed all of Hammer's alterations before placing the suit in permanent storage.

Iron Man 3

The upgraded model
The upgraded model

In the sequel, Rhodes is shown porting a much sleeker, more advanced version of the War Machine armor. This suit does away with the bulkier design of its predecessor in favor of a more streamlined look. The new armor is repainted and christened as the Iron Patriot suit after focus group data determines that the public thinks of War Machine as "too threatening" a name. Though the armor is never seen in its original War Machine form in the film itself, it can be glimpsed in official concept art and various forms of merchandise for the movie.

This same suit of armor appears in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, now dubbed the War Machine Mark II Presumably due to the negative publicity garnered after the Iron Patriot armor was used in an attempt to assassinate President Ellis, the patriot color scheme has been done away with. Rhodey wears the War Machine armor during the final battle, where he helps destroy Ultron's various bodies.

Captain America: Civil War

War Machine Mark III
War Machine Mark III

Another new War Machine armor, the Mark III, debuts in Captain America: Civil War. This version once again has a bulkier, more tank-like build, but is much more technologically advanced than the one seen in Iron Man 2. The new suit also has an additional shoulder cannon that can be detached and used as a melee weapon.


 A bust by Hot Toys
A bust by Hot Toys
  • Toy Biz produced a number of figures showing War Machine in his classic suit.
  • Hasbro produced a number of War Machine figures featuring both his comic book and movie designs.
  • Hot Toys released War Machine figures depicting the armors seen in Iron Man 2 and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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