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WAR GODDESS features the Avatar Press horror/action heroines Pandora, Hellina, and Widow as the central cast.

The new series re-introduces the established “bad girl” character Pandora as the titular heroine, and also revamps such fan-favorite characters as Widow and Pandora for a new generation. The story, written by creative mind Mike Wolfer (Lady Death, Gravel), is a completely ground-level introduction to new readers; they will not need any prior knowledge of the characters Pandora, Hellina, or Widow in order to read the new series.

Describing the new direction for the character Pandora in the WAR GODDESS series, writer Mike Wolfer says, “We pick up the story many years after Pandora accomplished her centuries-long struggle to contain the evils she set loose upon the Earth. The immortal War Goddess has retired, but I’ve concocted a totally new threat, with enemies and villains like the Earth has never seen, so it’s a whole new war that must be waged. She’d probably hate to admit it, but Pandora can’t fight this war alone.” The overwhelming threat to humanity posed in the series forces her to recruit other cult classic female fatales into her conflict.

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