if flash really view events at a pico sec rate shouldnt.....

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he like commit suicide in like 2 seconds
 i recall a superman scan saying when he increased his speed and senses to the flash , everything was like a statue

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To reply to your topic, I can Only assume that the flashes Powers are in direct correlation to his concentration and level of (synchronization) to the speed force. If flash just woke up from sleeping. he will probably be at a low synch rate to the speed force, therefor being alot slower than when he is fully awake and in the heat of an extreme battle. Mental and emotional state also affect his speed, which in turn affects the speed force aided thought processes, and ability to see objects using the speed force when moving at extreme speeds. 
And even poor mental states my cause his power to run wild. What im saying here is, If flash was freaking out about being stuck at super speed and always seeing the world as if everyone was a statue, he MAY increase his speed to the point where he actually does end up going too fast. or the complete opposite, lose his powers completely.
He's a very variable hero, who's powers go to an absolute extreme (time travel, mollecular manipulation, faster than light travel) If he was able to Always be at his 100% best, it would just not be interesting, not to us because he'd be unbeatable and not to the character either.. after all he'd be stuck in a world of statues.

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He's not "on" all the time. It's like that when he's pushing himself, not when he's on the toilet or bushing his teeth. 
A Flash who was constantly revved up would probably be like the Kingdom Come Flash, who is—I think—supposed to be the embodiment of the Speed Force containing all the previous Flashes (some girl is Kid Flash): 

Action figure was only image I could find 
Action figure was only image I could find 
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Some time just after reborn or at the end of reborn i remember reading a comic that had to do with all the flash characters. I believe it started with Bart. He couldnt sleep so he went for a walk or run and they all end up running to the same place at what seemed to be their normal pace (walking for us) and they all ended up just out side of town or something and talking and back to their houses. The whole issue took like 2 minutes or less for them to run across town have full conversation among 4-5 people and run back with out exerting any real force to move fast.

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