How Wally being New 52 Reverse-Flash could be a good thing

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Do I want Wally to be The Flash while Barry is? No, I for one DO like that Barry is the only active Flash right now as TWO Flashes at the same time was annoying, I mean it's not like they're the GL Corps or anything. If Wally is Reverse-Flash they better have a good reason for it. How I would like it is if they went with a disturbed Wally who remembers everything about the previous timeline and becomes an anti-hero calling himself Zoom and ACTS like a villain to keep Barry on his toes though no one would ever be in any REAL danger because Wally still has morals and he still fights crime on the side.

Wally would still be a hero, it doesn't COMPLETELY wreck his character, and allows for a unique perspective on the hero/villain dynamic.

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Honestly, I'd be ok with Wally becoming the true Kid Flash that works with Barry. Bart and him could meet and dislike each other. Then Bart becomes Impulse just because he wants his own identity. Or I'd be ok with Wally being from another dimension and makes a new identity for himself. I don't know, but I just want Wally back.

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That sounds awful.

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@The_Tree: It's not my best idea true, but it's probably better than the crap explanation we'll get from DC if Wally turns out to be the new Reverse-Flash.

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The way dc does nemesis villains these days is the villain will tend to be close to either Barry or Flash. Whoever is the new Zoom probably appeared as early as in issue 1 so it won't be Wally West or Daniel West.

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wally west= earth2 kid flash

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My theory is this is wally and the "He" is barry and you were right he remembers about pre-flashpoint and is angry because his kids never existed in the new reality.

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Wally West. As the Reverse-Flash. And they say Batman is overpowered....

Kidding! Honestly, I'm alright with the idea. If done properly, a new Barry-Wally dynamic could prove for interesting reading.

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Wally could be a young adult that's been trapped in the Speed Force for years and escapes when a portal opens up in Keystone.

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@kid_apollo: except earth 2 flash is a kid right now....or am I mistaken?!

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Earth 2 flash is young again. Dr Elias has been around since the start of the reboot so dr Elias is a good choice for Reverse Flash and probably was planned since issue 1.

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Wally west being the reverse Flash would be horrid. The Reverse Flash is going to be running around killing people, which is counter intuitive to the 30 years of Wally West character development we've had. Unlike Barry, who was more than willing to kill Thawne, Wally refused to kill Zolomon despite him being responsible for the deaths of his two children and ruining his marriage. If Wally was the new reverse Flash then it'd only be for his name's sake, because he wouldn't be the same character (And frankly, Wally without Linda would be horrid as well).

It's going to be Elias, they foreshadowed it pretty heavily near the end of the Grodd arc. It's more sensical, even if Elias is a horribly written character.

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The new issue Gomez disappeared, I have a feeling he is the reverse flash

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Wally being Reverse Flash would be cool

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Noooooooooo. No. I want Wally West, not some random new character—and a villain at that—who's just named Wally West.

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Have to agree and say I just want Wally West back as he was. Can't see him as the Reverse Flash turning into anything save a tragedy.

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They should just made Wally kid flash and not have brought Bart back for a while. It's a bad time to be a WW fan

@thefirstlanternDaniel West

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I don't think this look would fit Wally to be honest


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