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The true origin of the Walking Dread is as of yet unknown; the large, hulking creature is part of The Order and is apparently a reanimated corpse that must absorb electricity to power its massive strength and invulnerability. However, the absorbing is also his greatest weakness as absorbing too much energy can slow him down and even cause him to burn out during a fight. The Guardians of the Globe first fought the Walking Dread along with the rest of the members of The Order when they destroyed Paris, France. However, the Walking Dread was rendered immobile when the Order's leader, Set, wound up getting his mask removed by Brit, which knocked everyone out. The Walking Dread slipped out in the process and later showed up trying to rebuild his strength by attacking a power station. He was defeated by Bulletproof, currently posing as Invincible, after the creature overloaded itself on electricity.

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