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Good Day to Die
Good Day to Die

She was born Viking, first child to Marion. When Christians invaded their land Marion was able to escape with her two daughters. Marion was worried for her daughters lives and begged Odin to come and rescue them. He came and took them away, he also gave Marion part of his Odin-force which would be passed on to her next child. They then were raised by him as his own and they became Valkyries. They aged slowly as all Asgardians.

The Return

Sole survivor of Genocide’s first attack, Odin tells her to escape battle and warn others. She sees no honor in escape, and thinks that she has let down Asgard by doing so. She has been hiding in cave, and one day hears a celebration, she thinks of going back to others. But soon sounds of celebration turn to sounds of war. She reaches decision and joins the battle. When Tyr couldn’t stand that women are Asgard’s only hope and threw his sword through Lady Death, the tides of war turn. She tries to save Lady Death, but is knocked unconscious. Waking in captivity along with her sisters. She orders to use the Odin-force in them to save Lady Death, but by doing so they play right into Genocide hands. When weapon misses it’s target and Lady Death battle Genocide, she tries to save Lady Death from blood rage. Along with Vandala she can convince Lady Death to leave with them.

Blood Curse


Living peacefully in Asgard, they become under attack from Purgatori. She thinks she and her sister should watch over Frigga. Purgatori now won the battle attacks them, and bites her. Weakened she lies on the floor. Odin is summoned and he talks through her and tells Vandala to escape with her sister and Frigga. When they make it to Transdaemonium she collapses, Vandala uses her Odin-force and heals her. When Purgatori arrives and kills Frigga, she attacks her. Purgatori then infects her with the blood curse, and she joins her army.

During Purgatori’s attack to Lady Death fortress she accompanied her. There she battled her own sister Vandala. When Purgatori lost to Lady Death, Vulnavia escaped along with other blood cursed beings.

After the Armageddon, when Purgatori had risen her empire. She witnessed how Purgatori was lying in bed with her new love. Enraged by her lovers promise that she would be her only lover, she attacked Purgatori. She was defeated and exiled to wander the deserts and feed on lizards and scorpions. She wonders away and saw how Arhiman sent his assassins to kill Purgatori. She did nothing and walked away. A while later her sister Vandala visited her, but she soon left after seeing Vulnavia was still under blood curse.

The Alliance

Nothing is heard of her for some time. Until one day, now free of her blood curse, she matches herself with men in a tavern. Bedlam challenges her, and transports her away. Arriving in Lady Death’s sanctum on earth, Lady Death wants to strike her down. She asks her forgiveness and opportunity to make amends of her betrayal. Lady Death stays her hand and says that she will get the chance to do so. An alliance is formed with friends and enemies. Vulnavia chooses her target as Pagan and goes after him with her sister Vandala.

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