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Vostok is an original member of the Supreme Soviets. His first team mission was to confront Darkstar, Ursa Major and Vanguard for defecting from the Soviet Union and becoming traitors to their motherland. Fantasia cast an illusion spell and disguised the Supreme Soviets as members of the Avengers. Vostok was disguised as the Vision and was able to disrupt Darkstar's neurons during battle.


Vostok was created by Mark Gruenwald, Kieron Dwyer and Al Milgrom in 1989 and first appeared in Captain America # 352.

Story Arcs

Some years later, Vostok and his teammates now known as the People's Protectorate join forces with Alpha Flight and the Avengers to battle a group of Atlanteans in order to prevent an international incident. Vostok and the rest of his Protectorate teammates would come into conflict with the Hulk and the Pantheon over a Russian scientist named Ivan Drenkov. Eventually the People's Protectorate would break up and its members including Vostok would merged with the Soviet Super Soldiers to form the new Russian team, Winter Guard.

Powers & Abilities

Vostok is an amalgamation of human, alien and computer technology that can control all forms of machinery. A synthezoid that has the ability to manipulate any mechanical system in many ways. He has shown the ability to disarm missiles, bombs and other firearms. He can change the physical structure of any mechanical system, shape it and manipulate its size. For example, he took control of an Atlantean craft and used it to form a restraint against a foe. Vostok can also link or interface with any mechanical system to take control of it or gather information. He also shoots beams of energy from his eyes for range attacks and has the ability to fly.

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